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    75 Gallon Tank 1100 TDS. Should I be concerned ?

    The weirdest thing just happened. my water was at ~400TDS. i Had a columnaris out break so I did a water change 60%, added 1tbsp salt per 5 gallons. was about to fertilize my tank so I did a TDS reading. 1100 TDS. **** ? where did this come from. All I did was add salt and seachem prime to...
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    Columnaris help needed

    Community tank 75 gallon heavily planted a fish from petsmart introduced columnaris into my tank. I’ve isolated the three fish exhibiting cotton mouth , did a 60% water change and installed a 24 watt UV sterilizer. (Green killing machine) It is recommended to treat the whole tank however I am...
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    GBR laid eggs 78degrees

    Hi all. I am running an experiment keeping German blue rams at 78degrees. I have heard a hardier German Blue Ram has been bred. Basically In 2005 or whatever petsmart German blue rams kept dying by the dozens so they stopped carrying them. They were recently introduced again and are...
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    Help with dosing ferts

    Hey all, I’ve attached a picture of my high tech 75 gallon planted tank with co2 30ppm and high lighting for 6 hours reduced to 20% lighting after for the rest of the day. my tank is 100% stocked according to live aquaria. I do not dose Nitrate or Phosphate. I add Flourish potassium 2ppm...
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    75 Gallon Tank Advice for Planted tank flow needed

    Hey all I have a 75 gallon tank and an Oase Biomaster Thermo 600 with inline Co2 into a long flow tamer spray bar that is the length of my tank. I point it downwards and my plant pearling is amazing ! However I’m a little upset because I think I don’t have high enough turnover… my aquarium...
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    75 Gallon Tank The shocking truth of These Rams

    Hello everyone . I’ve attached a picture of my lovely pair of balloon rams. They seem to be a bonded pair. They follow each other everywhere and one is clearly a male while the other is clearly a female. I scored this lucky couple at PetSmart. However I am SHOCKED that I am able to identify...
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