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    Question about multiple filters for 55 gallon tank

    Curious if I could use my fluval 206 and get a hang on the back filter, or submerged filter/water polisher to use as well?
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    Advice on a 55 gallon tank stand

    I just bought a 55 gallon tank and have been having some issues finding a nice tank stand. Some of the ones I saw online were either too expensive or not so great looking or sturdy. I don't have the option of building one either. Is there any other furniture pieces that would to support my tank...
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    Need advice on a good inexpensive filter for a 55 gallon tank

    I'm upgrading from a 36 gallon to a 55. I'm currently using a Fluval 206 which I assume wouldn't be the optimal choice for a 55 tank? If not, what are your suggestions on an inexpensive, good filter for the new tank?
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    Blue Dolphin fish all of a sudden bothering my parrot fish

    Hey all my fishy friends :) So my parrot fish laid a ton of eggs and either they, or the blue dolphin ate them. After that happened my blue dolphin (Earl) started getting sassy with the two parrot fish and have them stuck in the corner in a cave. I've never had any issues with him, he's...
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    Do parrot fish mouthbrood?

    Do parrot fish mouthbrood?
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    Can you turn down the bubbles on an air pump

    I have a Tetra Whisper Air Pump and was wondering if theres any way to lessen the bubbles? Some of my newly added plants aren't into the water flow and are started to look a little eh.
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    Cloudy aquarium water in established tank

    Although there are some previous posts on this topic, I wasn't finding exactly what I needed. It's possible that a bit more food than necessary was fed to the fish. My bf likes to feed them and is still a bit new to fish. I did two 20% water changes and just replaced the carbon as it's been a...
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    Parrot fish babies

    Soooo my parrot fish are laying eggs as we speak. They're eating most of them, which I figured would happen. I'm just excited to be able to see everything and had to share lol Of course I forgot my actual questions lol Wondering about how often parrots mate?
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    Can another fish fertilize a blood parrot fish eggs

    Can a male Blue Dolphin fish fertilize a female Parrot's eggs?
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    Are my parrot fish mating?

    Hi all, I noticed some changes in my parrot fishes behaviors. The male is doing that vibrating thing and pushing away my male blue dolphin fish more often. My female is swimming at the bottom more and is eating less. She used to swim to the top for food and was a bit more sassy. My male has...
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    Replacement Hoses for 206 Fluval

    Hello Fishy Friends :) I'm looking to replace my 206 Fluval hoses. I accidentally cut them too short (this was forever ago) and have dealt with it for a good amount of time. It was suggested to put my filter on top of something so I have more to work with, but that wasn't really a good...
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    How to rehome African Cichlid?

    I might have to rehome a male african cichlid. I've never had to do this before with a fish. Any suggestions on how to go about doing this? And what are the chances the store I bought him from would swap him for another fish?
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    African Cichlid bullying Blue Dolphin fish

    Hi, New to the forum :) I have a small African Cichlid that's been bullying my blue dolphin fish who's bigger than him. My two parrot fish are capable of handling the bullying no problem, but not matter what I try I can't stop the issues with the two other fish. There's enough food, space to...
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