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  1. J

    Lighting too Low

    I'm back again, In my 40 gallon I have a bad algae problem, and I was thinking as I only have 1 light tube of 30W in it and as the plants don't grow as good as in my smaller tank does anyone reckon that as the plants cannot grow good enough the algae takes over as the more dominant and has the...
  2. J

    Original Form Angel- Died

    Got no idea why, how but about a week ago my younger angel which Id had for about 4-5months died. Just found him dead, completely white, picked at etc. Still don't know what happened, everyone else healthy and so was he. No bullying from other fish as I could tell. Really **** me off, may have...
  3. J

    Algae on Anubias

    My anubias has a fair bit of algae growing on its leaves, I'll see if I can get a pic to identify it. Ansy suggestions to get it off considering I have two bristlenoses and have the lights on for 11-12hours a day
  4. J

    Another batch of Swordtail fry

    Yep it happened again, After much rearranging I have now got my first batch of approx 14 in my 17gal by themselves (corys +tetras coming soon) and 18 of the 2nd batch in my breeder box. They arn't as dark as the first as the mother is yellow not orange. There is also a few of the 2nd batch...
  5. J

    Bak 2 Skool

    Well Iam back at school well have been back since Feb 2-3 can't remember but yr 11 is . Stupid homework. I am doing Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Studies, Religion (compulsary), Japanese and Australian Studies (compulsary). Wish I could have done a subject which was fun...
  6. J

    Topics in Correct Section!

    I don't know about the rest of you but can people please post topics in the right section. So then Gunnie, Fishfan, Butterfly and Mike don't have to move them. It would be easier for them and others answering them. For Ex. Welcomes are just to say hello and tell us about yourself Announcements...
  7. J

    Wardley Vs Tetra

    Well basically as it is near impossible for me to get Omega One I have a choice of just about two. These brands have been around for like 40yrs. Which is better ???
  8. J

    NEW TANK on Saturday!!!

    I'm buying my new tank on Saturday. Only 38gal/144L but I'm still complaining. Nah it'll do I suppose. 36"x14"x18" on a pine wood stand. I'll have to stain and vanish the stand first mind you so it'll be a few days before I can properly set it up. I'm going for a really fine gravel and will...
  9. J

    Plant Fertilizer & Lighting

    Do Plants require a weekly fertilizer to grow? I'm not sure, does it work? I think this was a topic a long time ago but I can't find it so yeah.... My plants aren't growing well probably also as I don't yet have a proper aquarium lighting but will be getting one in the next few weeks from work...
  10. J

    Book or Magazine???

    What do you think should I get a subscribtion to a magzaine if so which one? or shall I get another book??? I just want so more reading material. You can never know too much I don't really want a mag/book with too much saltwater as I'm keen to learn Fresh first!
  11. J

    Chinese Algae Eater-gone

    I had to give away my Chinese Algae Eater to my work ( a pet store) because he was becoming too aggressive. He was fighting with my Red-tail constantly and wouln't let my Bristlenose come out from behind the filter and my cory tokk a battering. I gave him in and got $10 credit along with my big...
  12. J

    Craig You will Not Give Up!!

    C'mon everyone I won't everyone who comes online to show their support to craig, by posting here to encourage him to keep with it!!!
  13. J

    Baby Swordies!

    On Monday night round 2 o'clock, my female swordtail gave birth to about 22 babies or so. About 2-3 died at birth but the other 18-20 seem fine and today Wednesday ar looking good. They are all an orangish shade as both parents are and are eating ground flakes. I might try and get some fry food...
  14. J

    Constipation Remedies

    Hello my female sword seems to be constipated. I know someone mentioned fedding mushy peas but I don't have any. Woul live foods help, or any other veggies?
  15. J

    Chinese Algae Eater

    This is a picture of what he is if you don't know. Not mine off internet, but he looks exactly the same. Anyway do you think I should return him as he is getting very aggressive, I ve had him for about 10 months now and he is now over the last few weeks attacking everyone except the angel and...
  16. J

    Where are people going lately???

    I haven't seen fletch, Adz, Aquagirl, Durkbat, sharlover, swimfan, Mike and others sorry if I missed anyone, around here much... Whats going on??? ???
  17. J

    What type of filter pad???

    This is a picture of my filter. The bottom sponge cartridge I am keepig but the 2nd upper filter pad I had to replce fairly early after a month or so and replave with carbon pad which I cut to size, but I don't like the carbon much because it seems to slow the water flow coming out the head...
  18. J

    Syphon Filter

    The other day my syphon gravel filter broke, so there was no longer anymore suction, so this time I'm going to go for a differnet brand. Can anyone recommend one? I don't think I'll go python as I only have a 60 litre and is probably not worth paying the extra money as I don't need to take out...
  19. J


    2 days ago I was walking back from my room after watching 24 and I could only see my female swordtail all alone, I looked everywhere for my male one who is usually pestering her. The I looked behind the tank and on the bench top was the swordtail. I was so **** off I thought he'd died. I was...
  20. J

    Master Test Kit

    I need to get one of those Master Test kit thingys because before I had my water tested by the shops and a friend but the problem is that they ar upwards of $70 Australian and I heard that someone got one online for $15 US which is like $25 Aus so can anyone tell me how I should go about getting...
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