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    Need immediate help!

    Introducing fish for first time to tank and there dying off immediately. The pet store is closed and can't find anywhere to call that's open. The tank has been cycled and all water parameters are perfect. Anyone know what could be causing this?
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    First time SW hobbyist

    I've had freshwater tanks for many, many years and have had just about every freshwater fish known in these parts during that span. So onto bigger and much more expensive things. My 75 gallon tank is cycled and ready for some amigos! I am looking forward to colorful reef tank. I want a community...
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    Freshwater and Brackish together? Say whatttt????

    K so went to pet store today hoping to find new buddy for my brackish tank. It's 90 gallon with 2 very young GSP's and tons of plants so was hoping to find new fish to sneak in there with them. I was looking at their selection of brackish, which was about two fish, both of which would eventually...
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    Convict Cichlids acting inactive

    Just got 4 convict cichlids earlier in the week. First couple days they were active and shoaling together. Last couple days they have been inactive and hiding in the log and on the sand behind plants. All the water parameters are still fine as well as the temperature. They don't seem to be sick...
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    New species in tank??

    I have just noticed quite a few tiny little white specs about the size of a single grain of salt. I have no idea what they are and too small too make out a definite shape. Here is what I know, they are microscopic and have a tiny tail. Looks almost like brine shrimp shaped, but I have not put...
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    Need cichlid expert on AOL chat for many Q's

    Need some help/advice for my new cichlid tank and have oh so many questions, was hoping for quick like answers instead of asking a question, getting answer 30 minutes later, then thinking of another question and the trend goes on. If anyone knows their cichlids and can help out that would be...
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    First ever cichlid tank! So got a ?

    Okay went out and got 4 convict cichlids today for my 40 gallon tank. Is there any other cichlids I can put in there with them? I know these get about 4" though right now there only 2-2.5". I obviously don't want to overstock, but I hate having unused space when I want every fish in the world in...
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    Ohhhh Myyyy NEW FISH!!!!

    Lost 5 fish during power outage this week so needed some new blood to get me out of the dumps and liven my fish tanks up. So got 2 golden wonder killifish (M + F), 2 very perrrty guorami's (M + F), a GREEN SPOTTED PUFFER!!!!! (if couldn't tell by caps and !'s this is my #1 ultimate favorite fish...
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    Approximate cost of starting marine tank??

    I have long been a keeper of freshwater fish, but have been leaning towards saltwater though I'm sure will be too pricey for me at the moment. I have a tall 29 or 30 gallon tank can't remember which it is, but either way about how much do you all think turning this into a saltwater tank would...
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    Golden Dojo Loach laid eggs, possible to get babies out of it?

    Yesterday 2 of my golden loaches were mating all day long and about every 30 minutes or so she laid eggs. A lot of which were eaten up by my two angelfish before ever hitting bottom. Their in a 75 gallon tank, and I have sand substrate so it's hard to tell the sand from the eggs, if their are...
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    Platy stillborns, will any make it?

    I have bred platies for over a year and have had many, many batches, but for the first time to my knowledge I am having stillborn egg sacks. She is about 2 years old and has given birth 5 times while I've had her. Can I expect any live babies out of this batch or are they most likely all going...
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    Reintroducing myself

    Hey all, I havn't been on for a long time, I used to use site a lot. Updates on my fish tally. Currently have 11 loaches (dojo, weather, yoyo, khuli), Rainbow shark, very large crawdad, very large angel fish, 2 african clawed frogs, elephant nose, 2 hatchets, a pleco, 2 dragon gobys, a few...
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    Elephant Nose!

    My mom surprised me with an Elephant Nose today, which I've never heard of before tonight. If you have not heard of or seen these before it might be worth your time to look them up, they are very cool looking and have fascinating habits. In fact I can't think of which they most resemble (an...
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    Regular sand same as aquarium sand?

    Does regular sand-box sand work as good as say aquarium sand? And does most sand syphon up into gravel cleaners?
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    Thinking of getting betta

    I never had a betta and am curious about trying em out. I know I'm jumping too far ahead too soon but how challenging is it to get 2 to mate? Also what kind of food do betta's fancy?
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    New to loaches

    Got 2 dojo loaches today and completely new to the species (also got 4 khulis today), any breeding tips on the dojo loaches? or khulI loaches for that matter? Planning on getting sand substrate, do the dojo loaches prefer sand as well as the khuli's?
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    breeding khuli's?

    New to khulI loaches, starting today, possible to breed them in captivity, and if so how? any suggestions would be great, will most likely be switching to sand substrate pending another post I asked about.
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    What can go in 5 gallon tank?

    I had kept fry in the 5 gallon tank, until they grew now there in a 10 gallon. Then I kept 2 dwarf puffers in the tank but they grew and now they have their own 10 gallon tank. Right now I just have plants and snails in there that I am selling, and wondering once I get rid of the some of the...
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    Next Step in Breeding?

    Last time I wrote a long time ago was about breeding platy's and that worked out little too well, with in total having over 400 in last 3 months, most of which have been sold to locals. My guppy pair have also reproduced and I currently have all 24 of them still. I now have been interested in...
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    One Month Birthday!

    My fry hit the one month mark! The ones that survived (about 15) the ich outbreak are striving with beautiful orange colors and some have speckled black markings on them. :;hb
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