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  1. J

    What is this brown fluff in my tank

    My tank is newly cycled It’s a 5.5 gallon tank 1 Betta Planted with Amazon swords/anubias Heated with sponge filter
  2. J

    Aquarium leaking from the bottom

    So I used an old 10 gallon tank to house 2 bettas with a divider and everything was great for a month until now. The table were my tank is set up is wet. From what I can see the water is coming from the bottom. I don’t think I can fix that, so I’m gonna have to replace the aquarium. Would I have...
  3. J

    Will a tank infect a new fish after it had a fish with parasites?

    I hope I’m on the right section but I’m having problems with a new fish tank I bought. It’s 5.5 gallon tank and I’m cycling it with a small molly with Tetra Safe Start Plus. I have noticed that my substrate is cover with white like worm/feces. It’s gross but I can’t do a water until after the 2...
  4. J

    What is this green slime on top of my tank?

    So today I was doing a water change to my 10 gallon tank when I saw some green slime growing around my Amazon Frogbit. I try to take it out but it’s all slimy and like attached to plants. I don’t see any algae growing on my bottom plants or substrate or any other decorations. These are some...
  5. J

    What is normal swimming behavior for a betta?

    So I just bought 2 betta fishes ( 1 Halfmoon/Dumbo, and a Plakat) I put them both in a 10 gallon tank with a divider in the middle of the tank. Each fish gets 5 gallons water, each has a sponge filter and a heater. The tank is cycle from what can see. Ammonia is .25 or less (for some odd reason...
  6. J

    Would these rocks be aquarium safe?

    I found these Amazon landscaping stones that I thought would look great on my black sand substrate and plants. But first I want to make sure if they would be safe to put in my aquarium. What do you guys think? Capcouriers Landscaping Stones (White) - Landscaping Rocks for Garden and Landscape...
  7. J

    Inconsistency with ammonia testings?

    My tank is a 20 gallon tank with 3 dividers to house 4 bettas. Each fish gets 5 gallons of water. My tank is cycled because ammonia went from 1ppm to 0 with Tetra Safe Start. It’s been 1 month since the tank cycled but my water tests are not consistent at all. I test one section of a betta and...
  8. J

    Dead betta fish from fungus :(

    Unfortunately I just lost my little Ozzy due to a fungus that grew on his body. It was like a piece of cut slimy flesh that hanged around his body. He started being lethargic and decided not to eat anymore. I tried everything I could. I put Ich-x and maracyn and it did not work. He lived in a 20...
  9. J

    Does ICH-X stain white sand?

    So right now I’m treating my whole tank with Ich-x because 2 of my bettas has fin rot. They are in a 20 gallon divided tank with 2 other bettas. I could have gotten them out to another tank but why bother? I just decided to treat the whole tank. When I put the medication in, the solution was a...
  10. J

    How should I introduce Cherry Shrimps to a tank with a Betta

    I just received my Cherry Shrimp by mail and I’m stuck. The tank I’m putting them in is a 10 gallon tank with Amazon Frogbits, Cholla wood, moss balls, fake grass carpet, sponge filter. The thing is that a betta lives in the tank already and I’m scared if add them, the betta is gonna have...
  11. J

    Any name ideas?

    I just bought this little guy from Petco. It was love at first sight when I saw his tail! He is a Halfmoon Double tail betta. Can’t come come up with any names for him? Maybe Garnet? What do you guys think?
  12. J

    I forgot to acclimate my new Betta fish

    I just purchased a betta from my LFS that looked sad being in the small container. I got him and put him in a 10g tank with tetra safe start. I was in a hurry because I had to go to work right after. I completely forgot to acclimate him! I don’t know if I did him major damage He looked fine...
  13. J

    Nerite snails creating ammonia?

    I just got my 20 gallon divided betta tank cycles last week and decided to buy 2 medium sized Nerite snails to help me with some brown algae growing in my tank. There are 4 bettas with the 2 snails. I did a water test and it came as .25 ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 20 Nitrate. They have been there for 3...
  14. J

    How many Nerites snails should I buy?

    My tank just finally got cycled I think? My Ammonia is maybe 0 or 0.05. The color is yellow with a hint of green in it. 0 Nitrite, 40 Nitrate. My tank is a 20 gallons with 4 bettas in it (the tank is divided in to 4 sections so each fish gets 5 gallons of space) I’ve been noticing brown algae...
  15. J

    Help! Betta keeps jumping

    So I just started a 20g long divided betta tank. It is divided into 4 space. Each 5 gallon with their own sponge filter. I have 3 at the moment but 1 of them is being very naughty. They keep jumping to the other space of the fish and I have scoop him out and put him back in to his space. What do...
  16. J

    Would a small pectoral fin affect a fish’s mobility?

    So I’m thinking of buying this adorable betta fish❤️ He has a small pectoral fin like Nemo but I wonder if it would affect him on how he swims? What do you guys think?
  17. J

    Newbie Betta parent :)

    Just wanted to say hi! I’m really happy I join this fish forum!
  18. J

    Would this tank be good for a Betta?

    So I have been wanting a Betta fish for a long time! The thing is I don’t have much money. I don’t have enough space to put a big aquarium in my room. Do y’all think this tank is big enough for a Betta? I plan on having a sponge filter in there with live plants and of course a heater for the...
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