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    Otocinclus fungal infection

    Hello, I have a planted 10 gallon, parameters below, with three otocinclus that I have been treating for ick with ick X for 10 days. The ich has since disappeared but now one of the Otos has this white fuzzy stuff on it that you can see in the attached image. Is this a fungal infection? If it...
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    Ick or fungal infection on otocinclus

    I got three otocinclus for my 10 gallon a few weeks ago. I went away for work and when I can back one of them had white spots on then, see below. Is this ick or something else? What would be the best plan of action? water parameters: Ph: 6.8 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 ppm Temp: 76F...
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    Brown Diatoms on Rotala Indica.

    Hello, I have a planted 20 gallon hex that has been cycled for four months now. Early on i had a brown diatom issue that is typical for new tanks. The brown diatoms have since mostly died off. My hardscape and other plants, compact amazon sword and green tiger lotus, do not have any brown...
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    Female tiger Barb over fed or stunted

    Hello all, I have seven tiger barbs in a 20 gallon hex. One of my female barbs has always been on the larger side with a distinct curve to her belly, see image. I believe this is normal for female barbs but I am not sure. Could this be a result of over feeding or stunted growth? Thank you
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    Tap water changes Ph

    Hello, My tap used to have a pH around 7.5 but when I tested it today before a water change it is at 8.2. I have a 14gl tank which is currently at 7.2 due to th driftwood in it. What would be the best way to lower my tap pH so I don't have a big pH swing during a water change. Below are my full...
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    Compact Amazon sword melting

    Hello, I recently purchased a compact amazing sword from my lfs about a week ago. At the time of purchase of the sword was immerse but not sure how it was grown. Yesterday I removed a leave that was beginning to get transparent. The transition started near the base of the stem and continued...
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    Top water fish 20 gallon hex

    Hello, I have a cycled 20g hex with 7 tiger barbs and 1 bristlenose pleco. Currently really happy with the current stocking level but might be interested in adding a single top dwelling fish if that wouldn't overstock the tank. I feel like it would though. Also I currently don't have any...
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    Torn fin or fin rot?

    My wife and I have had our Betta Felix for about a month or two now. He seemed to adapt to his new home well, a 2 gallon hex. "I am planning on upgrading him to a larger tank soon got him before I knew anything" this morning I noticed some damage to his caudal fin, see images below. The first...
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    Reverse Undergrave Filter

    Hello, I am setting up a hand me down 14 gallon hex tank that i got from my dad. Most of the equipment is on its last leg but the tank it solid. So far I have got a AC 30 HOB, an Ehime 75W heater and am looking to upgrade the undergrave filter next. I want to run a reverse undergrave filter but...
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    New kid on the block

    Hi everyone! I am fairly new to the hobby. My first tank was a 2 gallon tetra tank that I did nothing other then put water in, wait a week and get some fish. Magically that worked fine. I am currently cycling a 20 gallon fresh water unplanted hex tank, HOB carbon filter, and undergrave.(old...
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