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    New guppy stressed?

    Hey guy, I ve recently bought 3 guppies online. The females looks fine but the male its not looking good. I dont know if its a stress post shippment or the heat he went through (i felt the water was really warm even though i took the package in within 5 min when it arrived) or simply i was sent...
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    Guppy disease

    Hello all, So, i have quarintine my guppy 2 days ago, at first and the reason i quarintine her was because she had this white spots like ich on tail an body. Today she has worsen i came home and i found an ulcer on one of her side and shes been having a convulsions like movements to the point...
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    40 Gallon Tank Recommendation on how many guppies

    Hi everyone, So my livebearer tank is actually 37 gallon tank and right now there is 5 mollies and 6 guppies (plus tons of babies that I will give away). my wife felt in love with guppies from and online guppy shop and was thinking on expanding the family, the thing is she wants to add 3 more...
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    Water hardness and plants supplements.

    Hi Everyone, I am opening this new thread now to solve a concern with my live bearers tank (guppies and mollies), so I am planting the tank and I cant add salt anymore because it was affecting my java moss and my floating plants. I would like to know any supplement to make my water hard and...
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    65 Gallon Tank Black Oranda Goldfish

    Hello everyone, I am starting this thread to see if someone could help me to understand more about goldfish colouring? here is the thing. i am planning to buy an expensive Oranda Online. its full black but currently i have an "apache" oranda that its turning its black color to a orange color...
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    65 Gallon Tank Nitrites confusion

    Hi all, First of all, sorry about this new thread, i know there should be many similars but i will keep lookong and reading after posting. I am just confused and concern about what is happening to my cycle. Thing is, sadly i am doing a fish in cycle with 2 goldfish, i am constantly checking on...
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