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    Like to get a betta, but I have no idea where to buy one

    Check into any local fish clubs or aquarium societies in your area. Fish you get locally from other hobbyists are usually very well taken care of and reasonably priced!
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    New picture with rock cave in 10 gal tank

    I think it looks great! Your pleco will love you for it!
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    How do I get my pH up?

    Sounds like you are doing a good job! Keep up the good work! Next time you need a test kit, print the page with the AP master test kit on the PetSmart web site, and take it with you next time you go there. They should honor the online price.
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    Tank odor

    It sounds like your filtration system isn't able to cope with the waste from your oscar. Please post your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels so we can help you figure this out. You may have to do extra water changes until the tank is cycled. Let us know!
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    The Beginning of an Epic Story

    How's the oscar tank coming along?
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    They keep eating my plants

    Anubias are also supposed to taste bad to fish.
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    Oscar is lonely

    Oscars get grumpier as they get older. If may be difficult for your oscar to accept any other occupants in that tank, especially if they are smaller than he/she is. Oscars also will each anything they can fit in their mouths, so keep that in mind also.
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    I Got Some "Splainin" to do...........

    I know exactly what you are going through. It's been over 4 years now, and I can still cry if I think about it long enough. My dad was hit by a car, and was in a coma for a week until he left us. My mom is still not over it, and is very depressed. This is very normal how you are feeling, and...
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    Nitrites unusually high, wont go down

    Definitely check your tap water to see if that is the problem, and until you get it figured out, use Amquel plus to neutralize the nitrites while you are working on the problem.
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    Does anyone feed their dogs Nutro natural choice dog food?

    I used to feed that brand to my dogs, but after the dog food made in China scare, I switched to other brands. I've really gotten into the no preservatives foods, and think that switching dog foods for variety has made my dogs even healthier. I try and buy foods that also contain fruits and...
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    Do I need to add minerals?

    Unless you have super bad tap water, your fish should be just fine. You will have to acclimate them slowly to your tap water though since you have been using special water which may have a dramatically different ph than what you have been using. Most of the time, your fish can adapt very well...
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    Time for New Food

    If you are also feeding other fish in the tank with flakes, the leftovers should eventually sink to the bottom and your corys will be eating them also. My corys also went nuts for the Omega One tubifex worms. They are a little messy, and you can't feed them to your fish more than once or twice...
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    best aquascape?

    Some fish don't do well with plants in the tank because they either eat them or tear them to shreds. Other fish like african cichlids do well with texas holey rock in their tanks because it raises the ph level in the tank, and gives them territory. If you google biotopes, you can learn what...
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    Do I need to add minerals?

    I agree. Unless you are using RO water your tap should add back in the nutrients used by your plants and fish when you do water changes.
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    Welcome back!
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    Greetings from Nebraska!

    Welcome to FishLore! You have found a great place to talk fish!
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    Hi ya'll

    Welcome to FishLore! You've found a great place!
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    Hello FishLore-ers!

    Welcome to FishLore! You're gonna love it here!
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    Queen of waterchanges!

    Good job! What you're doing is basically what I do but I use a python. I hook it up to the hose out the front door and water my plants.
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    Best Fish Food?

    Omega One is also my first choice as a staple food. For variety, the New Life Spectrum brand is also very good.
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