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    The Sleeping Chinese Algae Eater

    One night I woke up at 1 am, and for some reason I felt I needed a drink of water (even though I knew this was going to wake me up again at some point). So on my way to the kitchen I passed by my main fish tank and decided to take a look. What I saw made me hold my breath… My beautiful Chinese...
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    Tales From the Tank; The Spider Snail

    So one weekend when I was doing a water change I was taking some ramshorn snails to the pond and saw the unbelievable. A ramshorn snail was walking on the surface of the water! Well, it was more under the surface of the water, like if the entire surface was made of glass, and he crawled under...
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    Tales From the Tank; The Great Ramshorn Invasion

    It all started with a beautiful little ramshorn snail. It popped out of nowhere one day, just “materialized” in the middle of my tank somehow during the week. It was amazingly cute, so I decided to keep it. As days passed by I started to see even more little black spots cover the glass wall of...
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    Tales From the Tank; The 10 Gallon Adventure

    So I got a new 10 g. (actually old, but new for me), and got immersed in the never ending conundrum every fish owner gets in to when getting a new tank (or so I think). What fish will I put in it? What type of filtration will I use? What type of plants will I get? Oh… The great questions in...
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    Hello to everyone. I’m Exypo. I am eager to read and share experience. We grow wiser with our knowledge as a whole.
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