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    I Will Absolutely Not Adopt A Betta Fish

    I added a betta fish to my 20 gallon Community tank and I fell in love what a wonderful fish I will not even approach the cups of bettas at the stores what a horrible tragedy that is
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    I Think He's Going To Fit In

    Just added a crowntail betta to my 20 gallon Community tank and he's getting along with everybody awesome
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    Iranian Rainbow

    Just got to Iranian rainbow what a beautiful community fish does anybody else have this species
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    I Was Not Impressed

    HI I just want to say when I got into this freshwater thing two years ago I didn't care much for angelfish but now I have two of them and I absolutely love them my freshwater setup Community tanks that I have rival saltwater tanks I'm really enjoying this Obby
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    Really Fake Plants

    HI I'm guilty of buying artificial decorations I found this at Walmart it's pretty freaking cool what are you guys think
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    How About This One - Lucky Bamboo

    Anybody use lucky bamboo in their fish tanks and see any difference in anyting I just added some it looks pretty cool
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    Can Someone Help Me Id This Fish

    I ordered a long fin White Cloud and I got this guy does anybody know what it is
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    Angelfish 1 Year On

    I've had my Angelfish for a year now and they were one of my least favorite fish but after a year he's full size 6 in big I love them what a wonderful animal
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    Finally Two Tanks On One Stand

    Well I finally have both tanks on the wrought iron stand 29 gallon and 20 gallon on the bottom it fit perfect on the bottom I just had to take one leg off slide it in and put the leg back on there's a couple pics
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    Need 29 Gallon Stocking Suggestions

    HI all my 29 gallon is painted ready to fill with water I need some stocking suggestions for a 29 gallon thank you
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    15 Gallon Tank If You Could Have Any Fish

    If you only could set up one tank and it was 15 Gallons what fish would you put in there I'm looking to set up a tank I'm thinking betta I'm not sure would love to hear ideas
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    Is This An Ulcer

    HI I have an angel Ram with a white cottony growth on his nose that looks like it ruptured anybody have any idea what it is
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    Need Some Help With My Angel Ram

    My angel Ram has a growth on his nose it's white cotton me but it looks thicker than cotton here's a pic anybody have any idea what this is
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    Need Help On Fish Food Choice

    HI everybody I have a badis a peacock gungeon that wouldn't eat so I bought some black worms I paid $25 for an size bag that's ridiculous is there any better alternative but at least my fish are all eating now
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    Who Else Has A Nano Tank

    I really enjoy my 20 gallon nano tank who else out there has a nano tank and what fish do you have in it I have a honey gourami three GloFish tetras two guppys a badis and a peacock gungeon and an angel Ram
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    Who Is Looking For A New Type Of Fish

    Just got my three in Denison Barb in the mail what a beautiful fish it's also called a Roseline shark but it's not a shark if you want a medium sized fish this one is really really cool
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    Fishes Own Reflection In The Glass

    Can a fish still see himself in the glass if you paint the glass with paint and what color black
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    Okay They're Smarter Than I Thought

    Just added three new fish to my tank and my female swordtail is having a little issue she keeps charging the rubber hose that goes to the air pump and slamming it and slamming it showing off to the other fish it's pretty cool that is the least thing in the tank that will harm her is that rubber...
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    Can It Hold The Weight

    HI all I'm getting ready to expand my two fish tanks I am looking at this fish tank stand wondering if the top level can hold another 80 lb I need opinions on this any Engineers out there
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    Very Impressed With Liveaquaria

    I finally have my three fish tank stocked I would just like to shout out a approval for LiveAquaria I use their compatibility charts 2 do three community fish tanks with zero aggression
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