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    Sick betta

    My betta fish can't eat well. She used to be fine but over time this has become an issue as she's gotten older. She goes for the food to eat but often misses. Sometimes she can get a few pieces maybe 2-4 but a majority of the time now she can't seem to catch her pellets. She usually gives up...
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    Betta help

    I've had my beta for quite awhile now. She's always been an EXTREMELY picky eater. I got her when she was a tiny thing and now she's huge. She has always been very reactive to me and seems to enjoy attention. However, for about a couple months now she's gone downhill. She's mostly stopped...
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    Safe food for shrimp and snails?

    Hi, I have 2 betta fish living with MTS and I'm in the process of setting up my first high-tech planted tank I'd like to stock with guppies and cherry shrimp. However, I don't know what food would be safe for shrimp and snails. When I just started in the hobby I had several large rabbit...
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    Noisy Aqueon Aqua Springs 11 Filter

    hi, I purchased an aquarium “kit” the other day. I bought the Aqueon Aqua Springs 11 (I like the appearance). However, the filter it came with is extremely annoying and loud (sometimes). Sometimes it will be quieter and more tolerable. But other times it’s really loud and unbearable. I think...
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    Long Distance Moving

    hi, I’m moving about 6 hours away and have 2 fish tanks and a 3 buddies I want to bring with me (one 5gal tank, a 10gal tank in the process of cycling, a betta fish, and 2 snails). My current plan would be: Empty half or more of the water in the tanks and keep all the decorations and filter...
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