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    Algae with airstone?

    Does an air stone which goes on after Co2 goes off cause algae? I keep getting staghorn only on the side where my airstone goes on.. coincidence? Maybe?
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    Anyone selling Rotala Blood red?

    Anyone selling Rotala Blood red?
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    Getting best possible circulation in tank

    Hi all, I have a 200L planted tank and I have been wrecking my brain on how to have better circulation throughout the tank. Currently I have the intake and outflow on the back left part of the tank. The outflow is pointing to the front left of the tank. On the back right side of the tank I have...
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    Fish dead after joining the tank

    Hi all, So My tank has been up since February.. Its a 200L planted tank. Lights go on for 6 hours CO2 goes on 2hrs before lights Air stone goes on 1hour after Co2 goes off and remains till the following day 1hour before co2 goes back on. Ammonia 00ppm nitrite 0ppm nitrate 5ppm I had fish...
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    Staghorn outbreak

    Hi all. I have a 200L planted tank with co2 injection. I keep getting staghorn in my aquarium. I try remove most of it by hand but I end up resorting to peroxide to completely killvit off. I have my nitrite nitrate and ammonia 0ppm and I do 50% water changes weekly. What I was thinking is...
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    Silent fans tried and tested

    Hi all, Trying to find the quietest fans to cool down my temperature. Are there any tried and tested silent fans preferably with a mount to hang on the side?
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    APT complete vs Thrive

    Hi all, I had started off my 200L tank with the seachem range - Excel, Flurish, Nitrogen, Potassium and Iron. I wasnt too happy with them so I am looking for a good all in one fertilizer. From the research I did I came across the APT Complete and Thrive. Before anyone says go for dry ferts, I...
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    Help hit the mini cycle!

    Hi all, I have entered the dreadfull mini cycle with my Nitrate very and also my nitrite is high.. Ammonia is 0ppm. This morning I did a 25% water change.. Whats the next best move? Tank is a 200L planted tank with shirmps tertas ottos rasboras etc. Also can I dose with prime to speed up the...
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    Jbl inline diffuser running in

    I just got the JBL proflora inline diffuser.. I read you need to submerge the membrane for 24hrs.. do you need to open the diffuser and throw the membrane in water or just submerge the entire diffuser in water?
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    Ph fluctuations killing my fish...

    Hi all. I have a 200L planted co2 injected tank and have been in this hobby for around 3 months now. I keep finding random fish dead early morning. Water parameters are all good and I even dose with ferts. Kh and gh are alos good. It seems to point to the PH swings in the tank which could be...
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    Fert comparison

    Anyone here using Evolution Aqua ferts? How do you compare them with the Seachem range?
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    Rummy Nose help

    Got rummy nose tetras 2 days ago.. seeing one all alone and noticed red area white.. is this inch or normal?
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    Water circulation

    Hi all! I have a 200L Tank and I keep worrying that I dont have enough circulation. I added a wave maker and I believe it was the reason my 6 fish died (Cardinals, ottos and Rasboras) due to being too strong (2500L/h). So I decided to turn that off. What is your take on circulation in highly...
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    Has anyone used this in community tanks?

    Has anyone given this to their community tank? Dennerle discus soft - Google Search
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    Best lighting for closed top

    Hi all. I have a 200L planted tank with two JBL Nature 85-110 Led lights. Now dont get me wrong... they are good (expensive) Lights but they are not getting much red out of the plants. everyone mentiones the chihiros lights which really get the reds showing but since my tank is a closed one I...
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    Preggo shrimp

    So I got my blue shrimp pregnant in my planted tank. I have amanos, otto, tetras and rasboras.. should i buy a plastic breeding tank or leave them hatch in the main tank?
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    Rate my Ferts

    Hi all, My tank has been up for 2 months now. Its a 200L planted tank and I have an autodoser which I use to dose my ferts. i would appreciate it if you could rate my fert schedule. All ferts are Seachem and I dose one cap of Iron (5ml) with every water change Excel 5ml every other day...
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    Monte Carlo turning Brown

    Hi all, My monte carlo started getting brownish which doesnt look normal. I have a bufferibg substrate I dose flurish potassium and nitrogen and add iron with every water change. I use co2 and also have lights on for 6 hours. What could be wrong? Photos don't really capture the brown colour...
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    Losing fish - Update another dead today

    Im loosing fish! I got two new amanos and I found one.dead and 4 baby srimps which I cant find anymore. 2 weeks ago I had 15 cardinals and now just 11. My GH 5 KH4 Ph 7 and rest all good. What can it be as I am completely lost here
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    Filter intake with babies

    Hey all so I got some shrimps and they are pregnant.. Im not going to stay putting them in a breeding tank. Its a 200L planted tank with amanos nirites tetras and Otocinclus. i just put a sponge to make the intake smaller so they dont get swollowed up.. what do you guys do for this issue? As im...
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