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    Is This A Hybrid Cory

    I have leopard and panda cories. Does this guy at the front look like a hybrid. He was born in my tank last year.
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    Betta Died And Another One Has Started Doing The Same Thing

    The tank is 18 litres, heated (except the weather is hot so the heater isn't coming on), filtered, cycled, planted. I had a HMPK in there who was eating well, and then started spitting out food and sitting on the bottom. He then refused food and wouldn't even eat live daphnia. Died within a week...
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    My New Half Moon Betta Is Very Inactive

    I've always bought by bettas from the local store, choosing fish that are lively, active and interested. My new guy I bought online for his looks as half moons don't turn up very often in store. He arrived in the post this morning, well packaged. I've had him eight hours and he just sits in...
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    Anyone Keeping A Betta Female On Her Own?

    I'm finding a lot of info on sororities but not on keeping sole females. I've seen some very nice ones locally, for just a few pounds as they are female. Are they too boring on their own? I've got two males already and find them to be good fun. I won't be breeding.
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    Fish Have Personalities, Says University

    Scientists from the University of Exeter studied how guppies behaved in various situations, and found complex differences between individuals. Read more at: - but we knew that already!
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    Fin Biting After Water Change?

    My betta fin bites. I thought he had quit, but after a big water change I see he has done it again. This is the second or third time he has done it after a big water change. Is this coincidence? I wonder if anyone else has experienced it. I wonder if it's too much excitement for him. He's quite...
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    Weirdly Long Pothos Root

    I put a pothos cutting in my betta tank. It is sending out a single, very long root. The root is currently 5 inches along. I don't like how it looks, I was hoping for more of a fluffy look. Is this normal, and can I trim it? Could it be a sign of low nutrients? Ammonia and nitrite are...
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