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    Pleco with mouth injury?

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone could take a look at my Bristlenose. I don't know what sort of thing this is, I assume injury but perhaps it might be something else? Water parameters are stable and good, ammonia and nitrites are 0.0 and nitrates are under 10 - he's in with two panchax, dwarf...
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    Vampire Shrimp Help!

    I have two vampire shrimp. One is doing really well (they both were) but today I noticed my other one looking incredibly pale, and missing an entire arm, along with a couple of fans. It's sitting lopsided and feeding awkwardly, still active and moving around, just looks very sorry for itself. I...
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    Cherry Shrimp dying off slowly?

    This is a weird one but bear with me. recently I changed the entire layout of my shrimp tank. The main trigger for this was the fact that the snails I keep alongside them would poop and it would get caked under the gravel, which inevitably caused a detritus worm spike (alongside smelling SO...
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    The Anxious Fishkeeper

    I'm very anxious, pretty much all the time. I'm also a complete beginner and know virtually nothing about fish despite having 3 tanks now. I noticed that all of the care sheets and info guides, whilst really helpful, couldn't provide me with practical experience. So I created a blog in order to...
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    SAE bullying the other fish - what can I do!

    Hi all I'm new here and absolutely desperate for any advice. I have a true Siamese Algae Eater (100% confirmed) and quite literally have no idea what I should even do. He chases my gourami around at random but it's much worse when there's food about. He will relentlessly chase them around the...
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