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    Black Moor Fin Rot?

    Hey, so I noticed about 3 weeks ago that my Black Moor’s tail fin was becoming white slightly translucent. I immediately thought it was fin rot. But now I don’t know. It hasn’t really changed since I noticed it. Maybe grown up his fin like a 1/4 of an inch in the three weeks. No splitting or...
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    Does Anyone Else’s Goldfish Do This?

    So my goldfish have been doing this thing for about three weeks now and I don’t know what it is. Is it playing? Is it a mating thing? I don’t think it’s fighting, but maybe? Does someone know? (I can’t seem to attach the video.) They keep nudging their back ends where they poop and swimming in...
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    High Nitrates and Nitrites

    Ok, so I tested my water yesterday after I did a water change and noticed that I had pretty high nitrite and nitrate levels. So I tested them again today and they are about the same. pH: 7.6 Ammonia: .25ppm Nitrites: 1.0ppm Nitrates: 80ppm I will attach pictures of the tubes. Please tell me...
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    Oranda without a Wen

    So my friend gave me some fish and they said that the fish were a Black Moor and an Oranda Goldfish (according to the people at the pet store). But the Oranda doesn’t have a wen. I googled it and it said that Oranda won’t start growing one until they are about two years old. But then it becomes...
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    Is my tank cycled?

    Hi everyone, I’m EmeraldGriffin and I am new to the fish world. I just recently purchased a 29 gallon tank. It is equipped with a Fluval AquaClear 20-50 gallon power filter, a very powerful 30 gallon air pump, river pebble substrate, live plants and a few aquarium safe resin decorations. In the...
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