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    Breeding Ember Tetra

    Hello all, I just moved my ember tetra in a standalone tank in the hope of breeding them. From what i gathered to be successful ember tetra needs warm water 27C or 80F approx, soft acidic water Ph around 6.7 and some plants. I also read that to be successful its better to have a mesh box with a...
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    Breeding Amber (Ember?) Tetra

    Hello all, I have a small population of ember Tetra which i would like to breed. I've tried searching for content but no luck so far. I have a couple of questions: How to identify male and female? (for tetra the female is usually larger, does this apply here?) Whats the setup you require for...
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    Aquarium Base substrate (Coco Peat, Charcoal, Lava rocks)

    i'm starting a new setup with an undergravel filter. I have lava rocks on the sides of the undergravel filter and I'm using coco peat and charcoal, + a sprinkle of JBL Florapol as 1st layer substrate. I'll be topping up with Tetra active substrate. Im trying to achieve a nutrient and Iron rich...
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