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    Help Fish Dying In Tank constantly

    Hi All, need some advice here. I've got a 5 gallon tank that's just finished cycling and my guppies are still dropping like flies everyday. I can't pinpoint what it might be. Regular testing has been fine, and after another died overnight, this morning i measure water parameters and results...
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    Can someone identify what disease my fish is suffering from?

    My guppy currently has red edged tails and looks like what is some form of fin rot, though not white or brown/black, but red edges. After reading up, the only two symptoms this could be from is fin rot or ammonia poisoning. My ammonia went up from 0ppm to 0.25ppm. Coincidentally my female guppy...
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    Very Odd Guppy Birth

    Hello, I need some advice. This is the first time i'm breeding an albino guppy strain (i've bred normal guppy strains before). I believe this is mama's first birth. She started birthing on yesterday (30/07/21) and I thought all would come out in quick succession. She gave birth to 1 fry which...
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    Is it cycled?

    Hello i'm a bit confused as to what my tank is doing. It's been running for a week and a half now, but when i started it, i was running it with other guppies, not the ones i bought for the tank. I use pond water which is stable for all my water changes and when setting up as well, so chlorine...
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    Hello From Singapore!

    Hello there. I just recently started a small 3-4 gallon tank. I just added 2 female and 1 male albino cobra guppies. I also have 6 red fire shrimp. I started off small because i wanted to make sure that I'm dedicated enough in doing this, this time round. Previously I had a 10 gallon and had...
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