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    Moving a full tank

    Hi all. I have a 120L tank that I want to move about 5 inches to the left. (Trust me, it needs to be moved). Any way at all I can do this without emptying the whole thing? Tricks and/or tips? The mat underneath it is pretty "sticky", if that makes sense.
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    Advice for a bit of colour for my tank

    Hi y'all. In my tank I have two black mollies and a white one (that I am pretty much waiting to grow old and die and then I will never get another molly again ... but I digress), a large platy, seven albino cory cats, and a large abundance of endlessly-breeding guppies and fry. The issue is...
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    The sweetest Betta <3

    My 11yo son's betta, Jimmy Kimmel, responds to seeing people in such a cool way. Every time you go near him, he comes rushing over and his side fins go berserk. He doesn't flare, he just gets sooo excited. I hope I'm not misinterpreting it, because it's lovely :-)
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    My pond beauties

    Out of all of my many fish, my first loves and most favourite are my goldies. They're beautiful, gentle, curious, playful, intelligent ... what more can I say? It's pond maintenance day, so I took a couple of pics to show them off :-) I hope you think they're as beautiful as I do. And some...
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    Are they just cold?

    My bigger fish are literally dead still, just hanging out next to the heater. The cories and the guppies aren't, but the rest, yes. Yesterday I re-scaped the tank a little to fit the fry net in it, and moved the heater. The water actually wasn't warm enough so I've turned up the heat now but...
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    What to do with my mollies.

    I'm sorry in advance for the long post. Thank you for reading. When we got our very first tropical tank last year, it was for my daughter. She'd done a tonne of research and decided on mollies. So, off we went and got her two balloon mollies. Super cute, great personalities. Sadly, one of them...
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    Is my Cory about to spawn?

    I've googled a fair bit and also searched through this forum but I'm not having much luck! One of my cories, Doris, has developed quite quickly a big lumpy(ish) white tummy with a black line in the centre. She is still happy and busy as always. Occasionally she darts up to the surface and back...
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    How old is he?

    Hi everyone, this is my daughter's new betta, Vision (all of her fish are named after Marvel characters!) We think he might be quite an old man, due to his size mostly, but he just doesn't look like a young fish, if that makes sense. He is about 7cm long (2.75 in) and he is a pale apricot...
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    Question about pond cover

    I built a cover for my pond, finally, that is pretty and practical and allows for free movement of the plants. I live in a *very* hot climate so for the summer, I've also had a beach shelter over it. Makes the garden look silly but hey, it keeps the pond cool :-D The weather is not roasting...
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    Cichlids - tell me why?

    Hi all. I know I'm posting a lot but I just love this hobby of mine and am so keen to keep learning. I don't want to be one of *those* members constantly posting though ... please feel free to ignore me So, about cichlids. From what I understand they can be very aggressive. I'm curious as to...
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    Only two female bettas in community tank?

    Hi everyone. Would it be feasible to keep only two female bettas in a community tank? Tank mates would be a few mollies, cories and a platy or two. I'm willing to have more if need be, as my daughter told me that only two females would not be enough as one would kill the other. However, I...
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    Strange lump on comet

    One of my goldfish, Jasper, has a lump on his side. It's been there for months, always small and round, never affected his behaviour, appetite etc. He's a beautiful fish, mellow, interested in his surroundings, even affectionate. We've had the pond a year, Jasper is about seven months old. All...
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    New 30 gallon, what would you do?

    I have a new tank and I bought it so that I could transfer all my fish to a bigger tank and get rid of some of the smaller ones. But now I have this beautiful, new, fresh new tank just sitting there beckoning to me and I'm starting to think ... well, I probably need to just get some new fish...
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    Guppy disappeared

    My male guppy, Gumball, was poorly for some time, I was sure it was scoliosis, but he was eating well and seemed happy enough, even though he never got very big. Usually, I check the tank several times a day but I've been away to Sydney and then have been sick. So I've just been feeding them...
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    New, bigger replacement tank filtration question

    I have bought a new 30 gallon tank and I have a filter already in my 15 gallon tank that is definitely up to the job of doubling the filtration if I use it in the new tank. However, I want to leave it in the smaller one as it's cycled, the water is perfect, and the fish are happy. I will be...
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    Gouramis for beginners

    I have just bought a 30 gallon tank and would like to try my hand at dwarf gourami ownership. I've read that they are peaceful and hardy fish. In my other tanks I have mollies, guppies, cories, a platy, neons and minnows. I will be moving a few of my existing fish into this new tank but not...
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    Poorly Neon Tetra

    Hi everyone. Below is a link to a video of one of my tetras. I was away in Sydney for a few days with my kids and my husband stayed home to look after all the animals. He's not into the fish so he only had to feed them, which he did very diligently! But he wouldn't have done the daily checks...
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    My aquarium - opinions

    Hi all, I am still new to keeping fish and I love it. I love the science of it, the beauty of it, their personalities. It's fantastic. (I'm sorry it's so long, I do try not to do that but it's an ongoing problem ) We started out with an outdoor pond and goldfish, who are all still awesome and...
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    Scoliosis in guppy

    I have one male guppy in my community tank. He's a gorgeous little guy, named Gumball. He was bullied by the male guppy we got him with (who subsequently died of columnaris, poor fella) and since then he's been safe but he's never really grown, he's still a little guy, never really can swim like...
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    Guppy fry dying after water change

    So I just killed 21 out of 26 of my guppy fry. They were born a few weeks ago by surprise in my big community tank and I needed to do a fairly big water change as the ammonia levels were up. So I thought, well, I'll get them out, count them and do the clean and water change, and pop them back...
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