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    Is my cycle over!!!!

    Sounds like you are cycled. In most setups, the nitrate will not come down on its own, and you help control it through your water changes. You will want to make water changes part of your regular maintenance routine. If you read around, you will see lots of different intervals for water...
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    Yellow Tang Help!

    +1...le fishy is fine.
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    oh o!!

    Welcome bigdogfish! There are different things you can try for aiptasia. 1) peppermint shrimp are said to eat them...sometimes. 2) lemon juice injected into the aiptasia via syringe. 3) buy commercial aiptasia killing product, which I believe are applied similar to the lemon juice. If you...
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    How much money?

    Only kind I've had are skunk cleaners. Kinda cool little characters, but then I think a lot of the shrimp probably have similar behaviors and are fun to watch.
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    How much money?

    Probably in the ballpark of $500, give or take. Most clowns would do just fine in a 30 gallon. What variety are you thinking?
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    180 Gallon Tank Trying to understand live rock

    Depends on what you are talking about when you say "cool stuff" or "neat stuff". Live rock, when pulled from the ocean is home to all manner of creatures that live in the various nooks, crannies, and holes in the rock. Starfish, tube worms, and so forth. Many of these survive the rock being...
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    Bubble Algae.

    LOL...I've been there!
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    Bubble Algae.

    LOL! Well that won't work then! In that case, I think you're right...try to gently scrape it off in the same way (get between the bubble and the glass surface and gently scrape it loose) with a syphon running to suck it up right away as it comes loose.
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    Bubble Algae.

    What I have done when I've notice bubbles is to pull the affected rock out of the tank right after doing a water change and scrape the bubble off in the discard water. If you take a flathead screwdriver you can usually get under the bubble and scrape it loose from the rock without popping it...
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    Any Ideas

    Firefish, like many other species, are generally peaceful EXCEPT with each other. You do not necessarily see this behavior right away when the fish are added to a new tank as they are more concerned with getting used to the new home than with fighting. Sometimes if your tank is big enough it...
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    Super Cloudy Water?!?!?!?!

    Honestly, I think the best thing to do right now is just let it sit. The water will clear up, but the more things are messed with right now, the more the dust will keep getting kicked back up.
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    Super Cloudy Water?!?!?!?!

    That's pretty normal for new sand. I'm not sure what they use for "clarifier", but they needn't doesn't work! It's up to you on the rock. You won't hurt anything by going ahead and adding it, BUT as the stuff in the water starts to settle out it will coat the rock and you will...
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    Stocking Question For Future Newbie

    IMO, 1" per gallon is too much for a saltwater tank. 1/2" per gallon would be safer, though it is not difficult to find recommendations out there for far more conservative stocking levels yet (I recently read 1" for every 10 gallons...which to my thinking is far more conservative than...
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    I finally did it

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    Red slime algae and getting rid of it?

    First two things I'd be looking at are water source...are you using RO?...and water movement in the tank...if there is not enough current, "dead" areas of the tank are prone to growing red slime.
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    I have a kindle. It took me quite awhile to talk myself into it because of the upfront cost, but I'm glad I did. I love it!
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    setting up frag tank

    If your water conditions are good, xenia and gsp will both grow like weeds.
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    how to setup a 55 gallon reef

    there's quite a bit of stuff potentially in tap water that can cause you problems in your tank...phosphates, nitrates, silicates, metals, minerals, etc, etc. RO water is best as it removes all that stuff and leaves you with...water!
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    tang looks bad but seems fine

    We need info on the it truly only a day old and 30 gallon? If so, the tang is without doubt under stress. Tangs need much larger tanks than that, and an uncycled tank will stress any fish. Stressed fish are more suseptible to illness than healthy ones, and tangs tend to be more...
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    i need suggestion for the next step.. cycling

    Ah, ok that changes things. There is no way to know at all where you are in your cycle without knowing ammonia and nitrite. Knowing one or the other allows some guesswork to be made, but that's about it. Knowing neither means we're blind. First step is, when you can, get those tests and...
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