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  1. Highlander88

    Cycling with established media help?

    So I have 2 successful tanks that have been running since spring. One is heavily planted and the other is not. I just got a 5 gallon tank for a Betta and if I've been reading things correctly is it actually true that if I bring over some filter media and a handful or two of substrate that I can...
  2. Highlander88

    Name ideas for this beauty??

    I am so excited!! I just ordered this gorgeous wee man!! I wanna name him something awesome! Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Highlander88

    25 Gallon Tank Stock ideas?

    This is my 25 gallon tank. Currently I have 10 neon tetras, 1 Betta, 1 Otocinculas, 1 rabbit snail and a mystery snail. I would like some striped kuhli loaches also. How many would y'all recommend? And is there any other cool fish I can safely have in this space? I obviously don't wanna...
  4. Highlander88

    Help with tidal 35 filter?

    Hey! I recently lost my first Betta because he got sucked in to the filter. He got out but died a couple days later. I decided to get another Betta and today I found him sucked up against the part I've circled in the photo. I just put a white mesh bag over it for now but it's not nice to look...
  5. Highlander88

    What are these spots?

    Day 1 of owning a Betta and I'm already on here asking for help! I noticed Steve had light patches on his head when I bought him but thought it was just a marbly kinda coloring. But as I sit and read everything I can I came across the disease 'columnaris" I tried to get several pictures. Does...
  6. Highlander88

    My Betta named Steve Irwin

    I wanted to share with anyone who is interested that after 2 months of cycling my tank (and LOTS of Fishlore posts!) I was finally done and ready to add fish. I changed my mind 1000 times on what to stock my tank with! But I decided to keep it simple and get a male Betta. His name is Steve...
  7. Highlander88

    Ideas for stocking?

    Hey!! After 2 months my 25 gallon bow front is finally cycled! Woop Woop!! Wondering if anyone could advise me on some stocking ideas. I always had certain fish in mind but now I'm kinda changing my mind. I really would love a beautiful flowy male Betta. I've been watching videos and reading...
  8. Highlander88

    Is this ich?

    I noticed one white spot on his tail. Does this look like ich? He is swimming fine, eating normal and chasing his siblings. It is just one spot, anything else you see is food bits from me feeding them just now. If it is ich please advise how I can treat him without hurting the cherry shrimp...
  9. Highlander88

    Plant recommendations please?

    So I would like to have a floating plant that grows nice roots downwards so that I have something pretty in the top part of my tank and to provide extra hiding spots for any fish I get . I love the Red root floater and frogbit. However, I obviously have plants in the tank so I don't want the...
  10. Highlander88

    Are these worms??

    Are these worms?? My tank is currently doing a fish less cycle. I've bleached all plants and followed a step by step guide on how to safely do that. I've not added any food to the tank at all. So if they are worms I'm hella confused as to how they made their way in there :(
  11. Highlander88

    Overstocked or can I have more?

    My son's 20 gallon tank has 1 mystery snail, 1 cherry shrimp and 3 glofish tetras. Today we added 2 more glofish tetras and 3 orange tuxedo guppies. Is this an ok amount for the tank or should I add more guppies or tetras? The girl at the store was talking an awful lot and when I got home and...
  12. Highlander88

    Thoughts on these results?

    My 25 gallon tank has been cycling for 1 week and 3 days. Here are my results from today's water test. Are these all normal? Should I be doing anything specific right now? I haven't added any ammonia in a week because the result was always so dark. I also decided to change out my substrates on...
  13. Highlander88

    Cycling questions!

    I have more questions. I do try to find answers before I post because I'm posting a lot but I just wanna get things right. Quick back story. Bought tank. Started fishless cycling. 2 weeks later the pet shop person told me I could add fish. I didn't know all about testing waters and such. After...
  14. Highlander88

    Cycling help....again

    Hands up who asks too many questions.... Haha So I did a thing. At the risk of messing up my cycle too. I emptied all the water out of my 25 gallon in to another tank. I tossed away most of the gravel, but kept a small chunk of it and put it in a filter bag and into my filter. I laid black...
  15. Highlander88

    Cam someone help me with safe dosing?

    So yesterday I learned about seachem safe, the powder. And according to everyone talking about it, it lasts forever because you need such a little amount. So I ordered some and it arrived today! As a mother of 3 I'm always looking to save money, and I've gone through 3 bottles of prime between...
  16. Highlander88

    Is this enough water agitation?

    I'm getting all my questions in today before a busy week at work This is a 25 gallon bow front with a seachem tidal 35 filter. Is this enough water agitation? When my tank has cycled my plan is to eventually get kuhli loaches, zebra danios and dwarf gouramis. According to Google they all prefer...
  17. Highlander88

    What is this white stuff in my tank?

    It's me again! This is my new 25 gallon tank. It's been up and running since last Sunday. I tested the water this morning and for the 3rd time got such a dark reading for ammonia and I think a 2.0 ppm nitrites. I used fritz ammonia to get the cycle started and then used fritzzyme 7 to get the...
  18. Highlander88

    Is this java fern dead or dying or fine?

    I have two java ferns in my son's tank. One is green and has SO many little brown things growing from it and I see a couple baby leaves appearing. But this one doesn't look so it dead? Or on it's way to being dead?
  19. Highlander88

    Am I nearly cycled?

    Me again! I feel like I'm always bothering y'all! This was my results today in my son's tank that already have fish in it. If you haven't seen my other questions then quick of it is I was told the tank was cycled and we bought fish only to find out a week later it wasn't cycled. So I have...
  20. Highlander88

    Just wondering...did I use too much Prime & Stability?

    I just set up my tank and I'm excited!! I used 1.5 cups of Fritz zyme and I also put a little seachem prime and stability in that too much? No fish yet because I wanna cycle it properly. I have live plants in there also. Now that I've added the liquids do I just completely leave the...
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