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    Mechanical filter in substrate?

    I am shortly going to start the process of converting a small quarantine tank I have into a display tank of sorts. I took a shot at imitating a sort of inert substrate (to maximize surface area but avoid soaking up treatments) by putting a liner of filter sponge at the bottom of the tank...
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    Leaves are growing leaves!

    Has anyone seen this before? I have an Anubias (maybe a sword, been a while) that is growing meta leaves. If you look super closely it’s a little plant growing out of each side of the leaf. Plant seems’s been growing here for forever and I haven’t added a new plant in about a year. Weird.
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    Hospital tank - Dust??

    So I have never had a hospital tank before, but is it normal that there appears to be a thin layer of dust developing on the bottom of the tank? The tank is totally bare, so maybe this is just something that happens that you don't notice in a tank with substrate. The tank itself didn't have...
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    Managing overnight PH drop

    I read a lot about people installing overnight lights in their sump with chaeto to keep PH steady overnight, and I was curious to know how common this practice is. Especially because I never see setups like this in the LFS. Curious for peoples' thoughts: is this an advanced technique for...
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    Flashing with no other symptoms?

    So I am keeping an eagle eye on my fish these days because I had a couple fatalities in short succession. Unfortunately the symptoms were totally different for each of them, though I am now working on the theory that I made a terrible mistake with LiveAquaria and not catching that the specific...
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    White streak on striped dottyback

    See pictures below, my striped dottyback has some kind of white streak going vertically down his side on one flank. He seems to be twitching, breathing more quickly than normal, and flashing, but no other fish are affected and I thought ich was more dots than a concentrated streak... The tank...
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    Ich or something else?

    The little guy is so tiny I can't get a picture, but this evening I discovered that my green banded goby has numerous white tufts around his body/fins. I am proceeding on the assumption it's ich, moved him to a tupperware floating at the top of my tank, and have started dosing Herbtana (I am...
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    Wanted to give the public a chance to weigh in before rehousing my emerald crab. I was the proud owner of a Little Rock flower anemone for approximately 24 hours before it was shredded. inhabitants Two spot blenny Cleaner shrimp Blue chromis Helfrichi firefish Hermit crabs (blue and red)...
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    Colorful xenias

    I have been poking around various sites to no avail. Most of the Xenias I have found have kind of subdued white, blue or lavender colors. Anyone know of any that will pop a bit more under actinic lighting and where they can be had? thanks in advance
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    Can I clean GSP with a toothbrush?

    More and more of my GSP has been failing to come out ever day. Other polyps are super happy, so I don't think it's water quality, but I think there may be some algae growth on the GSP, it looks like diatoms actually. WIll I hurt the stuff if I gently take a soft toothbrush to it when it's...
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    Bubble build up in the tank?

    I am trying to figure out what's causing an increase in bubbles along the water line at the top of my tank. It's not a problem in the sense that it's causing any trouble, but it's a change and it's concerning me. They collect along the walls of the tank at the top of the water. - Nothing's...
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    Nano lighting

    Hi all, I have now out a couple corals (GSP and xenia) in my 20g tank so I am looking at switching from FOWLR lighting, which was really just set to mostly white light, to lighting for corals. I have an AI Prime. LFS told me to set blues and violets at 20 and everything else at 1 or 2. Is that...
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    Hair algae cross contamination

    Does anyone know if hair algae grown in a freshwater tank can cross contaminate into a saltwater tank? I am trying to decide how rigidly I need to separate tools used for one tank and the other. Thanks!
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    AQI Prime HD for a FOWLR tank?

    Anyone using an AQI Prime HD for a FOWLR tank? I see tons of reef settings online for it (probably because it's overengineered for a fowlr tank, but I have my reasons for wanting one), but I can't find any guidelines for FOWLR tanks for what choices I should make among white, blue, royal blue...
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    Water treatment for coralline growth?

    I am starting up a FOWLR tank and I'd like to get some coralline algae growing in it. Do I need to treat the water params as if I'm running a reef tank?
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    Friend or Foe

    I have small volunteer plants growing in my new tank - they look like some feather macro algae I have seen in the store, but which I have never put in my tank! There are a few on the glass and a couple popping out of the substrate. Anyone know what they are? Thanks!
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    Substrate worms (yuk!)

    Hi everyone, So a couple of days ago I noticed a worm in my substrate, which I immediately vacuumed out of the tank. Come back today and I've spotted a few more, and I am trying to decide a course of action. Root cause is that I overestimated how much food my shrimp colony would need, which I...
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    Floating Fake Plants

    HI all, Question for you how I'd like to liven up the top of my tank a bit, but I haven't had much luck finding fake plants that either float (and trail downward into the water) or perhaps attach to the side other tank. Anyone seen these and able to provide some links? Thanks!
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    Tiny Bugs In Aquarium?

    So I just dropped a zicchinI slice into my aquarium as a snack for my nerite snails, they happily munched for a bit and moved on, and then I came back and the thing has 7 or 8 tiny black dots on it - and they are moving! They are so small I can't see any features, but I am trying to figure out...
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    Fish Behavior... Fish Hanging Near Bottom Of Tank

    Hi Never posted here before but I am at a loss. Aquarium has been cycled for quite some time. 10G, a couple plates and a couple mollies, running the topfin 10G filter with some bio max added. Sits at 78 with little deviation. I have consistently 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, <5ppm nitrates. PH is a...
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