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  1. Strider1520

    Show off your fish tank!

    Here’s where mine (36g Bowfront) is at now. Man, I guess I should do some trimming. 3 months in. A lot different from 3 months ago when it was colorful coral ornaments and plastic plants that the fish couldn’t swim through.
  2. Strider1520

    Filter killed my betta

    So sorry for the loss of Hopper. I lost a glass bloodfin tetra from having too large of a sponge filter at the end of my HOB suction tube and he swam behind the sponge and got lodged between the sponge pre filter and the tank glass - it was devastating to me as well since I felt like his loss...
  3. Strider1520

    Plants - Too crowded?

    I think it looks great! Very nice looking!!!!
  4. Strider1520

    Strange Corydoras Behavior

    I have 5 peppered cories and one or two will do the same thing-just lay there for a time and then swim off. I think they are just resting. I have one that likes to lay partially on it’s side ( I used to tap on tank to make sure it was alive and usually just got a Cory “wink”). Even had...
  5. Strider1520

    White hair like algae on plants

    Getting this hair like algae on plants . Nitrates are around 10 (orange). Frequent water changes and light 8-10 hours. 36 gallon and should have enough plants. Brown spots on some plants and this hair like on Vals and Octopus plants. Also having to keep brown off of glass. 50% water...
  6. Strider1520

    20 gallon planted

    Both builds are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Awesome!
  7. Strider1520


    Welcome-nice people and FANTASTIC help here. I have learned so much here and everyone has been willing to help me. My tank is sooooo different now since I set it up by learning from others on this forum . Welcome!
  8. Strider1520

    Why are my plants melting? Full spectrum 16W light

    I got melt as well on most of my plants just from being planted in new water / temperature variation, etc but they have all come back - usually with even nicer color-except for one Java fern.
  9. Strider1520

    Is this too many plants in tank - 36 gal Bow Front?

    The tetras and gourami really dig hiding in plants and the danios love swimming through them - when I mainly just had the vals. LFS had octopus plants for cheap (like $0.75/stem) so I picked up 12 of them and a shipment I had ordered finally came in with some Crypts and spiral vals (just got...
  10. Strider1520

    Thanks for accepting me!!!

    Welcome-came to the right forum. Great people and everyone has been willing to help with all my newbie questions. Welcome!!!
  11. Strider1520

    55 Gallon Tank Help With Fishless Cycling (Ammonia Not Dropping/No Nitrites/Nitrates)

    My recent cycle was “fish in” and even using bottle bacteria (Tetra safe start and Seachem stability) it went through a natural cycle anyway. It was one month to the day when my ammonia started going to nitrite and two weeks before they dropped and i got my nitrate. I would think you may be...
  12. Strider1520

    My Java moss isn’t doing good

    Had mine in since the 9th and just started growing new green. Still has a lot of brown but is starting to get green. Hasn’t gotten attached completely yet (tied to spider wood). If I touch it, pieces go loose and I lose some drifting off during water changes. Guess Java moss is another...
  13. Strider1520

    36 Gallon - 2 male dwarf gourami - has anyone had luck?

    I THOUGHT I had done some research on dwarf gourami's but now realize I didnt (after reading information here). I thought that the males got aggressive with each other if there were females in the tank as well. So, I got two male dwarfs (the normal striped dwarfs). There has not been any...
  14. Strider1520

    What TV shows have you recently watched?

    I usually don’t watch commercial television very much so I had never heard of James Spader’s series, Blacklist. Not really into series either but it came up as something I might like on Netflix so I put it on a month or so ago and got addicted. Like a big soap opera-you have to find out what...
  15. Strider1520

    Hey! Trying to be well educated before starting my first proper tank!

    Welcome. You’ve come to the right place!
  16. Strider1520

    New member

    Welcome!!!!! Great advice available here if you have any questions during fish in cycle.
  17. Strider1520

    Thank's for letting me in

  18. Strider1520

    20 Gallon Tank Brand new to the forum!

    Welcome! Great looking tank!!!!
  19. Strider1520

    Fish In Cycle - is this just a waiting game or do I need to change anything

    Mattgirl, sorry I didn’t post back but work, work, work. First I wanted to thank you for talking me through this cycle. It’s so greatly appreciated!!!!!! I now have full bioload and no issues. May have gotten a spike (at most ) of .25 ammonia and then nitrite and was back at 0 within 24...
  20. Strider1520

    Can someone say something about this design I made?

    Nice designs. I kind of dig 1 as well. Can’t wait to see pictures of finished tank. Very nice drawings of designs.
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