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    Chlorine in tap water

    Hi frnd i was using ro water previously... But today i added tap water in my tank... Suddenly plants stopped pearling... Is dat chlorine... Stopped plants growth... If it is how to remove chlorine from tank please anybody suggest me any ideas??
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    Nitrate160ppm for red cherry

    Hi frnd newly cycled shrimp tank. Amonia 0 ppm,nitrite 0 nitrate 160.... I change water 50,% every week.... But it's not at all reducing....any suggestion plz ...plz tell me can i change water 20% for every 3 days or can i change water 10% for evey day... The tank is cycled week not...
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    Running bio filter at night

    Im just confused whether to turn on bio filter at night in my 80 liter planted it ok to turn it off at night??? Will der be problem like... Spike of amonia or nitrate....??? Death of fishes???. Its 4 months old tank....???
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    Remove or kill pest snails

    Hi frnds I'm really fed up with pest snails .. i want to destroy dem plz suggest me any idea... Atleast trap dem... And throw it away...?? It's burrowing gravelband uprooting carpet plants... ... How about adding assasin snail... Do dey also burrow gravel??
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    Can high tds kill cherry shrimp???

    Hi frns my tds is 450 ppm now... What tds can kill red cherry shrimp???
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    Bio bacteria

    Do bio bacteria move from filter to tank??
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    Gh and kh testing

    Hi frnds i bought new gh kh kit... But i dont know wen should i test gh kh...i mean befor the water which i add or after adding the water into my aquarium... It's for my new shrimp tank it's on cycle period... I want to know wat level of gh and kh is preferably for rcs??
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    Tank cycling

    Hi frnds... I just set up 3.5 gallon shrimp( inert substrate) tank... It's at beginning stage... 15 days old... Parameters are as follows. Ph 8.54, tds 319,amonia 0ppm,nitrite 0.25, nitrate 5.0... wen shud i add rcs shrimp....still no any sign of algea or biofilm... Wen should i expect biofilm...
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    Java moss tying to coconut cave

    Hi frends today... I tied java moss on coconut cave... I just fastend it tightly... Is it ok... Will tieng tightly affect the growth of moss??
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    Shrimp tank water ph 8.0

    Hi frnd ... My tap water ph is 8.0... can i use this water for shrimp tank??
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    Ph meter calibration

    Can i calibrate ph meter with ro water??
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    Inert substrate

    I added 1/2 cm river sand... For shrimp tank ... Is it ok.. thin layer... I'm afraid of hydrogen sulphide formation beneath th sand as i heard... Which is toxin for shrimp.... Is it k... A thin lay
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    API test kit accurate?

    Hi friends i bought new api master kit and gh kh... But I'm new in it... I just want to know this kit is giving accurate results??... How to know dat my kit is giving correct results??. Should i test it on RO water...if so what should be Ro water parameters to match api kit test accuracy??
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    Is this set up enough to breed red cherry shrimp?

    Hi frends I'm new in keeping shrimp... So i choose a new tank specialy for rcs breeding... Today i set all the things anabius,foxtail java fern and moss... A big sponge filter and a ligh??? Bare tank.... Can anybody guide me ... If anything wrong??? I'm using RO water??
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    RO water for shrimp?

    Hi I'm preparing sapearate new tank for only shrimp... I'm in confused..which water should i use ... I prefer RO .... Is it safe...?? I dont have any ideo about rcs keeping...can anybody guide me??
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    Red cherry shrimp without bio filter and sponge filter

    Can i keep Red cherry shrimp in my 3 gallon tank... without bio filter and sponge filter... I wud like to give a try.... I'm keeping seperate tank for shrimps.... With full of it possible... Will dey survive... Weekly 30 water change.... No co2... Only shrimps...
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    Java moss is brown

    I bought java moss in retail store.... He gave me packet of java moss.i just installed in my aquarium.. it's looking brown... He said it will grow back. I'm really's dead or alive...... Can anybody plz help me. ... I'm becoming mad
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    Rotala marcandra is not growing

    I bought rotala marcandra green today i just inserted all plants in soil ...but it has twisted leave no sign of any pearling... I don't hav any idea whether it s alive or dead??? Plz some one guide me
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    Aquarium light

    Hi everyone. I'm using 2.7 v led 6500k bulb to my aquarium... Everything is fine... plants are growing... Should i switch aquarium lights ..??? Which light u recommend???
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    Can i dose copper fert in Shrimp tank in low dosage

    Is it k to dose copper fert in shrimp tank in lo doses
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