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  1. wesleyar

    Is my tank overstocked?

    They all seem to school together peacefully but I've noticed the bigger Kubotai's have started randomly chasing other fish though they don't seem very bothered by any of it.
  2. wesleyar

    Is my tank overstocked?

  3. wesleyar

    Is my tank overstocked?

    I have a 55g, decently planted, with a good amount of hornwort floatin' around. My party consists of : Kubotai Rasbora x 16 Axelrodi Rasbora x 18 Emerald Dwarf Rasbora x 12 Celestial Pearl Danio x 8 Kuhli Loach x 7 Neocaridina x 12 They are all nano fish so I'm not super worried just looking...
  4. wesleyar

    Running co2 during DSM

    Thanks guys, I thought it didn't make a whole lot of sense but figured it wouldn't hurt to try. Will be stopping the co2.
  5. wesleyar

    Running co2 during DSM

    I was reading a thread on or something like that and a guy was talking about using co2 during DSM and how it's heavier than oxygen so it pools by the plants on the bottom for them to use. I was curious if anyone does this or has done this. I'm testing it right now but I've also...
  6. wesleyar

    55 Gallon Tank Is a water softener ok?

    Just a heads up, I know this thread is two weeks old so hopefully you already know but usually well water has high co2 and it depletes the DI resin in like 40 gallons. Something I had to learn the hard way. You might have to find a way to aerate your water first before using an RO unit. Also buy...
  7. wesleyar

    CPD's, Dwarf Emeralds, Neon Blue Rasboras etc

    Why are all of these called Rasboras when they are all Danios? Before I learned about all these fish it was very confusing for me because the majority of these fish have like 3 different names.
  8. wesleyar

    How do CPDs compare to Emerald Danios in appearance?

    I find my Dwarf emerald rasboras are 100x more shy than the CPD's and rarely do I see them unless I go peeking in the hornwort or java moss, though the Dwarf emeralds are adorable when you see them hunting the substrate for something to eat. Also if you're looking for some shiny rasboras(why do...
  9. wesleyar

    Does Using Bacter AE Affect When You Can Add Shrimp To A New Tank?

    I put a two rice sized scoops of bacter ae in a 2 week cycled 55g tank in a span of 2 days and I could feel the biofilm already when picking up decor. I could be wrong and it's not biofilm at all, I'm new here don't trust me.
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