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  1. Tiramine

    Hello from Texas!

    Hey, I'm in Montgomery County, so not too far from you! That white sand is super classy. I love how natural your tank looks. I'll keep an eye out for any evidence plastic-eating behavior in my snail....that can't be good for him.
  2. Tiramine

    Hello from Texas!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! Here's a pic of my tank. It's a 29G TopFin Starter Kit from PetSmart with artificial decorations for now, but as an avid gardener I'm hoping to try some live plants soon.... Current residents are a gold inca snail, a gold zebra loach, a red dalmation platy...
  3. Tiramine

    29 gallon platy/ Cory tank

    Congrats and have fun! I just started a 29gal two weeks ago. Are you planning to do live plants or artificial?
  4. Tiramine

    Hello from Texas!

    Hi everyone! New fish tank owner here. Fond memories of the neons and guppies I had as an 8 year old led me to get back into the hobby. Needless to say, 8 year old me had a lot of misconceptions about fishkeeping and I've learned so much valuable info about how fish live and thrive (i.e. the...
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