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  1. NofishB4

    Divided tank questions?

    How many have successfully, and long term, kept a divided tank? We are looking at dividing a 20G long into 2-3 sections. Have read some information that suggests that the bettas can sense the other bettas and this causes stress for them.
  2. NofishB4

    Best scraper for glass?

    Anyone ever use the Tunze magnetic cleaner for their glass? Is it with the money? I hate my mag float (traditional one without the scraper) as it doesn’t do the best job, constantly picks up sand and causes a lot of vibrations in the water. My tank is fairly deep and has a lot of floaters so...
  3. NofishB4

    And they are all live

    For the past 6 months I’ve been slowly replacing my fake plants with live ones in my 38G community tank...and now it’s FINALLY finished. Just the betta leafs are fake (probably going to leave those for at least the foreseeable future). I think it turned out pretty good (until I compare it to...
  4. NofishB4

    Glass vs Plastic

    Are there any advantages to all glass canopies vs the old fashioned plastic canopies with the glass inserts for traditional bulbs? Or is it more of an aesthetic appeal? I recently upgraded to LED lights and am debating if it’s worth upgrading my cover too.
  5. NofishB4

    Advice on water change - wait a week and see if my tap water clears up?

    I have an established 40G that is fully stocked. It is moderately planted. I usually do a 40% water change every week but after noticing a heavy chemical smell in my tap water I tested it. It currently has 0.50 ammonia straight from the tap. It is usually 0 (MAYBE 0.25 as the API test kit is...
  6. NofishB4

    In the research phase...

    Hi everyone, My daughter and I are going to be setting up a new tank and are leaning towards a couple fancy goldfish. I have many questions and the internet is definitely all over when it comes to goldfish! We are looking at 2 goldfish at the moment. 1. She likes ranchu/lion head and I like...
  7. NofishB4

    New light or old light?

    My mom got me a new LED full spectrum light for Christmas to replace my tube light. It’s brighter but I’m not sure I like it more. The old light was kind of moody and I had ZERO algae issues but my plants are definitely not thriving. Which do you like better? First is old light
  8. NofishB4

    Will API general cure wreck my cycle?

    I think that some of the fish in my display tank might have a parasite. Meds are very difficult to come by in Canada but I managed to get some general cure from a friend stateside. I'm going to treat the whole display tank. Will it wreck my cycle? I don't run carbon but bought some for...
  9. NofishB4

    Adding cardinals?

    So I have a 38G (36x12x19). My current stocking is 3 guppies 1 balloon molly 3 honey gourami 9-rummynose 2 peacock gudgeons 1 female betta 7 panda cories 1 rainbow goby 2 rabbit snails 1 nerite snail 1 mystery snail Parameters are: ammonia-0, nitrite-0, nitrates-10-20 (color is somewhere...
  10. NofishB4

    Divided tank: pea puffers and betta?

    My daughter is getting a 20G long for Xmas and has expressed an interest in pea puffers. She has 2 10G tanks each with a betta and a mystery snail. One 10G is going to be dismantled and become our quarantine tank. Could she do a 5G betta snd a 15G pea puffer (about 5 puffers) split? They...
  11. NofishB4

    1st Impulse buy and needing information

    So I went to my LFS today for a nerite snail and came out with a rainbow goby (stiphodon ornatus). I'm not sure how it happened. My tank is 36x19x12 and has a high flow corner where I've baffled my HOB filter to go down the glass. My back wall, and side walls have some algae and my anubias is...
  12. NofishB4

    Single female betta in community, your experiences?

    Has anyone here kept a single female betta in a busy community tank? My daughter and I have 3 tanks between us. She has 2 10G tanks that house a single male betta and a single mystery snail. My tank is 38G and a community tank. Unfortunately my crowntail male Shredder got horribly fin...
  13. NofishB4

    Spawning all over and a death

    It's crazy. My tank is not ideal for any of these fish (my ph is 8.2) but I have fry from my guppies (no big surprise there as they are basically water rabbits) and my honey gouramis have a bubble nest and are wrapping (no eggs yet) and my peacock gudgeons have disappeared into a cave after...
  14. NofishB4

    Bubble nest question

    So we have 2 bubble nests in 2 very different tanks. The first is in our 10G with a male betta (only company is an amano shrimp and a baby mystery snail). It's huge. But Sonic is acting completely normal...eats well, investigates his territory. The 2nd is in our 38G community tank. This one...
  15. NofishB4

    A cluster of a water what?

    So my daughter and I did a 30% water change yesterday. I have a intake sponge in my hang on the back filter that I always rinse out in the bucket. Well I dropped it in the tank and it sent it's gross goodies everywhere. My daughter was just starting the python and drooped it when the...
  16. NofishB4

    Can you feed frozen too often?

    I recently added a peacock gudgeon to my community. She eats the pellets ok but is so slow that she gets 1-2 0.5mm pellet per feeding. She ignores the flake thus far. But she is very quick with frozen food and her favorite is brine shrimp which the rummynose and gouramis take a few minutes of...
  17. NofishB4

    Is it better?

    Is it better for a HOB filter to be almost at the bottom of the tank? My aquaclear 70 only reaches about midway. I'm debating adding a sponge filter or ordering an extension (about the same price). Im just worried about the noise of an air pump
  18. NofishB4

    Looking for a bottom dweller

    So I have a 38G (36x12x19). It is densely planted with 50% real and 50% fake plants (plan is to eventually be 80% real). It is moderately hard water and a ph of 8.2. The temperature is 78. The current stock looks like this: 1 male betta 2 female honey gourami 7 rummynose tetra 1 balloon...
  19. NofishB4

    Pellets as primary food

    My honey gourami will only eat the fluval bug bites pellets of the various foods I've tried (freeze dried bloodworms, omega one color enhancing flakes and bug bites). I was thinking of trying a different brand like northfin or xtreme but was wondering, if they prefer pellets, if there is any...
  20. NofishB4

    How much do you spend?

    Ok I know that the fishkeeping hobby isn't cheap but honestly I think I need an intervention! I have a 38G and my daughter has 2 10G. I am constantly tinkering with the bigger tank. Oh I need those plants. But now I need a better light. And fertilizer. Oh yes another filter would be nice...
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