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    1 Gallon Tank Help! ADF Tadpole Hatching Tomorrow

    I have two ADFs and they have "hugged". Google says tomorrow the eggs should hatch tomorrow, and I feel like I'm not prepared. I have a bowl set up (not sure how many gallons, but small) for them and I don't know what I should do to make them not die. Of course I'm not using the bowl as a...
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    Kentucky Derby has Happened!

    I almost won a whole dollar on 9! Alas, he came in 3rd :(. Anyways, if you watched, what'd you do or what happened that was cool to you? Been a while since I posted something like this so that's cool.
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    Axolotl Questions

    OK, I want an Axolotl tank and I need to know some things. First off, would a 29 or 30 gallon be big enough? I've 20's good for one but other things say I'd need a 40 gallon for two. Either way I want two, I've seen things saying 30 gallons is good for 3 but that's a decision for after I get the...
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    My newly discovered talent!

    A'ight, this talent is using a free Photoshop-esque website called Pixlr E. I have made many pics and am pretty good! I want suggestions of fish related stuff for me to make. No limits! I could make a goldfish swim in saltwater! Or maybe even a buff betta fish fighting a dragon... For reference...
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    Weird Dwarf Gourami

    There's nothing wrong with my Gourami, he's just a weird fishy. My gourami has witnessed his first water change yesterday and saw that old food came up and started eating it. When I was done, he started moving around and kicking up stuff that survived the water change. He ate all the stuff he...
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    My ADF Aquarium News and Stuff

    OK, So, I have an ADF aquarium and I did a water change recently and the platies in there nibbled my fingers like the fish do to my toes when I go canoeing, and I was like, yes. Also, I usually don't 'handfeed' ADFs, because they do just fine and eat well. I guess I forgot how satisfying and...
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    Platy Pregnancy?

    I have some platies, 2 fully grown mickeymouse platies and 3 juvenile sunset platies. One of the mickeymouse platys has been pregnant for a while but then I noticed one of the sunsets looking pregnant! Is it possible for a juvenile platy to get pregnant?
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    Super Bowls! Possible spoilers!

    I love super bowls. One day every year Americans celebrate them! I wanna know, how is everyone celebrating the superbowl? Does any of it have to do with fish? I don't know why the super bowl would have anything to do with fish. And because I'm me, I want you to say who you want to win and who...
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    Old man Alfredo :(

    I have a 4 year old betta who isn't doing too well now, and I'm thinking of replacements. I don't care if you don't like that I replace fish, they're fish not dogs. If you personally don't replace fish you do you, I'm just saying they're fish. So, Alfredo(the betta) hasn't been doing much or...
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    Fish BB!?

    This morning I was watching my fish and frogs eat when I noticed a tiny clear fish or tadpole. There seems to be only one so I suspect the guppy breed with a platy! The thing did look like an ADF tadpole tho too, but I feel like I would have noticed the many eggs they lay. Another suspect is my...
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    Adivina el pez! (Game!)

    I have gotten feedback from a few of you that you like these weird little posts so here's one! If you don't know why I put the title in spanish, I don't either! So, basically I have used my brain to create a 20 questions like game but quicker, and with only fully aquatic animals(Fish, shrimp...
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    Coolest things for a 10g tank?

    I have a 10 gallon tank and I was wondering what some strange/cool fish or amphibians are for it. I'm prepared to provide land for semi aquatic/terrestrial animals.(If I even do anything with it other than normal fish)
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    Bearded Dragon thoughts?

    I have a bearded dragon who lives in around 48x24x36 LxWxH (It's so tall because it has 2 floors) space. I used to have another in there with him but he sadly died Easter 2018. Even tho he lives in a lizard mansion I think he could be happier. Does anyone know what I could get or do to entertain...
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    Funny I'm bored so I made this!

    I'm kinda curious about how people deal with fish tank things, so I decided to make this for fun! FISHY QUIZY (When I say feel sad I mean like actual sadness not "Oh that sucks! Moving on.") 1. Do you cry or feel sad when a fish dies that you don't like? 2. Do you cry or feel sad when a fish...
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    No idea what the quote button does, so here's this!
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    Any cool oddball fish?

    Idk any really, I'm just bored.
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    10 Gallon Tank Peaceful Betta and Other Fish?

    I have a 10g tank with a betta and 2 african dwarf frogs. I was looking for some neat colorful or oddball fish to put with them. My betta is peaceful and so are the frogs.
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