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  1. Kendle

    Why is my fish skinny?

    I got this juvenile Bolivian Ram almost a month ago and it is still skinny. I have treated with praziquantel and am almost done with a 10 day metroplex treatment and haven’t seen improvement. I never saw stringy white poop though so I’m thinking it might be bacterial. What else besides...
  2. Kendle

    Hygrophila leaves turning brown with white/clear fungus

    I got several new plants for my *cycling* fish tank around 2 weeks ago. I purchased an amazon sword, vallisneria and hygrophila. They all started melting at first, but after a trim the amazon sword and vallisneria improved. The hygrophila however is still getting more brown leaves daily, I trim...
  3. Kendle

    Which filter for 20 gallon?

    I recently set up a new 20 gallon tank and it’s still cycling at the moment with an Aqueon 20. However, I realized ~2 weeks after running this filter that one with a larger capacity would be more helpful. Now I’m trying to decide between an Aqueon 30, Aquaclear 30, or Fluval C3 if I decide to...
  4. Kendle

    Opinions on this stocking plan?

    I have a 20 gallon tank cycling right now and I’m really excited to be able to have more fish than I did in my 10g once it is established but of course I don’t want to overdo it. Here’s my current idea: 6 Panda corys 5 Cherry barbs 1 male Swordtail 1 honey Gourami 1 mystery snail I have an...
  5. Kendle

    Diagnosis for my dead danio-mycobacterium?

    My danio died today after I’ve been attempting to treat him for an unknown illness for weeks: he had a clear lesion on his side, his fins started to deteriorate and he began looking skinny despite eating well. I moved him to a quarantine tank and tried to treat with melafix then fin and body...
  6. Kendle

    Betta fish has been having trouble staying upright and lunging for food

    My Betta fish has been having trouble staying upright and lunging for food. It also looks like he has a bulge/curve in his side. He lives in a 10g tank with some peaceful fish that aren’t having this issue. It doesn’t seem life-threatening because this has been going on for weeks but it’s pretty...
  7. Kendle

    Danio fish Abnormality

    One of my danios appears to have something wrong with the side of his stomach. It looks translucent in a spot on one side but not the other, none of the other fish look like this. What is this and how do I treat it if needed? These are the best pictures I could get
  8. Kendle

    Whisker shrimp compatibility?

    2 days ago I bought a shrimp without really knowing what it was. I asked for a Ghost shrimp but they didn’t have those so the guy showed me Whisker shrimp instead. I needed a shrimp large enough that it wouldn’t be eaten by fish but didn’t think that the shrimp could be the one posing a threat...
  9. Kendle

    What kind of shrimp is this?

    I just bought this shrimp today and I forget what it was called. I know it is not a ghost shrimp because I asked for that, they said they didn’t have any, and showed me this instead. It’s pretty large for a shrimp, transparent with a brownish tint. In the pictures you can see a size comparison...
  10. Kendle

    Is Tank Stocked Okay? Any Room For An Algae Eater?

    I have a 10 gallon tank. It’s completely cycled, I set it up around 2 months ago. No ammonia or nitrite problems. Is the amount of stock I have in it okay? I’ve had no issues but I’m curious about opinions Currently have: 5 Zebra danios 1 Molly 1 Gourami Also, I’ve been noticing slight algae...
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