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    Galaxy pleco ..?

    I have a galaxy pleco in a tank by himself. There used to be snails in there. They all died. It seemed that he would suck on their shells and caused cracks in them and shortly after they died... coincidence? anyone else had this problem? I read on a website that they should be kept by...
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    Can you identify?

    Hey all. I recently acquired some fish from someone who was going to flush them as she was moving and didn't want to take them with her. RUDE, right?? Anyway, I have only had bettas recently and little neon tetras when I was younger so I have absolutely no knowledge of these fish. They are...
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    New purchases!!

    Hello everyone!! Sorry I've been in and out again. Work has been dominating my time lately ... I worked 20 hours of overtime last week. EEK! Anywho, I went out this weekend and bought a new tank because I have been determined for the last month or two to buy a female betta. They are so...
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    Please welcome Van!

    YAY!! As most of you know, I adopted my friend's fish as they are moving to NY and didn't feel like he would make the move. I tended to agree with her so I agreed to take him in since I love bettas and have grown to love him! Here he is. He is currently in Lilex's old tank as Lilex did not...
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    New tank for Lilex

    YAY! I finally bought Lilex his new 5 GALLON tank today! He will be so happy. It is complete with filter and heater!! WOOHOO!!! Is there anything I need to do with the setup before I put him in it? I know I need to condition the water and all. Does the tank have to run first or what? Please...
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    It's been awhile ...

    Hello all! I haven't been on the forum in awhile and BOY do I have some catching up to do!! There are so many new names of people and fish that I don't recognize! I have to admit, I was pretty shaken up after my Raspy died and I isolated myself from everything betta for a long time. I still...
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    I was wondering if a snail needed filtered water?
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    Do otos and snails need water conditioner?

    Do otos and snails need water conditioner as well or is that a betta (or other tropical fish) thing?
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    cloudy water

    The oto/snail tank is cloudy. I did a water change but it didn't do anything yet. Is there any particular reason this might be? Could the algae wafers be causing it?
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    As I promised ...

    Well, I know I said I would send this picture if an OTO decided to do this, but the snail beat 'em to it!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    Snails and otos?

    Can snails and otos coexist? Is there a certain kind of snail that I should NOT get? I currently have ONE oto .. I'm going to get him some friends tomorrow as I think he is lonely. Tot did not survive, so Tater has been by himself for a few days. I was just wondering about snails because I...
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    Otos - how to start their healthy lives

    Duly noted By the way, since I am quarantining the Otos ... (Names I'm thinking of are Otto and Toto ;D ..) How much water should I change out? They still need to be fed algae wafers, right? Give me the dirt!!!
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    How would I transfer?

    Ok, this may be too soon to be thinking about this but oh well. Since the vase Lilex is in is not filtered, I would like to move him to the 5 gallon that is. I am not sure how to go about this. Do I need to fully clean the tank to get rid of any virus or sickness? What do I do with the otos...
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    Upsetting behavior ....

    I put the Melafix in Raspy's tank and he was doing fine until a little bit ago when I went to feed him. He is suddenly not interested in food -- tried to get one piece and spit it out (VERY rare for him ... he's always been a voracious eater!) He is staying at the top of his tank, frequently...
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    Raspy's in trouble!!

    Oh no! I noticed some white (looks like foam sort of) on the side of Raspy this morning just behind his right fin (on the side of his face). I want to get him some medicine (if it's treatable) but I'm not sure which kind to get him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
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    Fish care

    I am starting a new job on Monday where my boys will be alone all day. I need some help on how to change their schedule to accommodate my new hours. Right now there schedule is as follows: Lights on at 8 am. Food at 11am. Food at 7pm. Lights off at 10 pm. I will be working from 7:30 am to 4...
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    Oto info

    Ok, so I'm getting closer to getting my otos and I've been reading up on them today. Right now I have a plastic plant in Raspy's tank. Will it hurt the oto if he tries to get the algae off of it? Should I get real plants before getting otos??
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    Snails endangered??

    A friend of mine went to a local pet store (most likely PetSmart) and was told that they don't sell snails anymore because they are an endangered species. I was just curious what everyone thought about this.....
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    Forum etiquette?

    Ok, so I was just reading a bunch of stuff online about bettas and came across another forum that appears to a little lacking in betta knowledge. A few of the members have posted that they are having a hard time finding places to get good betta advice. In reading some of the posts, they are...
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    Full tank clean

    Hello all! I need to clean my dear Raspy's tank because I think that it is getting a film on the inside of it. I am starting to see brown spots on the inside of the tank. I do not have a vacuum for him just yet. What would be the best way to give him a clean without taking him out? Or...
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