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  1. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Is this a good deal??? (Tank kit)

    Hello! This is time sensitive as I don’t know when the sale is ending. I found this 10 gal kit for only 30 bucks on sale!!!! Are the products worth having?
  2. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Neon tetra health??

    Hey everyone, meant to post this a couple days ago but just getting around to it now. So I was looking at my tank and I noticed a little white bump on one of my neons mouth, so I moved him to my empty ten gal while I did research. My other fish seems ok I think? I don’t see the bump on his mouth...
  3. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Ten gal stocking help pls!!

    Helloooo, recently moved all my fish to my 20 gal (it’s still understocked dw) and now I have an empty 10 gal!! I want to get some snails and shrimp but haven’t figured out the main stocking yet. I was rly interested in getting a pea puffer but I would want to have some other stocking with it...
  4. mileshasabrowndogenm

    HOB filter not working?? Help

    Hello. I was putting sand in my 20 gallon tank today and I forgot to turn off the filter while doing it. It started making this weird sound and then I turned it off. I just tried to turn it back on and nothin. I tried taking it apart to see if anything was clogged, but I’ve never done that...
  5. mileshasabrowndogenm

    20 + 10 gal. Tetras, danios, adf

    Hello! Today I moved my neons into my 20 with my danios and adf and I just love having them all in there. I thought I wanted to move my adf to my 10 gal but idk. Would I be able to fit about 6 neons, 6 danios, and three ADF’s in one 20 gal? I have my 10 gallon if that isn’t doable but I feel bad...
  6. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Is my adf lookin healthy?

    Hello! This is my first adf and I just want to check that she’s lookin ok since I don’t know the norm yet. She eats good and hides often! Hope these pics r good enough
  7. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Urgent! Is this sand ok for adf?

    edit: Nm I got the less pretty but finer sand just to be safer for my frog baby.
  8. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Switching some of my fish in my tanks...

    Hello!! I am thinking about keeping my neon tetras and danios in my 20 and putting my adf in my 10. I want to do all sand substrate in the 10 so it’s safer for the frogs than the gravel I have in my 20 now. The one time I put my neons in with my danios I had fish death, my parameters might have...
  9. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Going to hardware store for sand any tips!?

    Helloooo, im going to the hardware store today to get sand for my ten gallon. Any tips on what to avoid and what to look for? Also are there any other good things I should look for there like rocks or anything? Thx!!!
  10. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Can I use rocks and wood from my neighborhood in my tank?

    Hello everyone, I’m wondering if I can use rocks and wood from around my neighborhood and house in my tank. If so, so I have to prepare them in any certain way? Like boil the wood and anything else to the rocks.
  11. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Frog being cute and my tanks looking!

    Freddy was being the cutest! Ft my bad photo taking and Marvin my danio (edit, ik the title is weird I pressed save too soon lol)
  12. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Any tips for wood aquarium stand warping?

    Hello, both my aquariums are on wood shelves and the water spill that inevitably happens warps the wood and it’s not nice looking. Any tips on what I could put over it to prevent this? Or should I just lay a bunch of towels down lol.
  13. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Adf Salmonella Safety

    Hello! I know African dwarf frogs can carry diseases and salmonella, but how carful do I have to be? I’ve never touched mine, but I touch the water all the time when I’m feeding and scaping. Water always seems to get EVERYWHERE and I get anxious about wiping everything down n stuff. Should I be...
  14. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Scaping with driftwood help

    Hello, I’m finally done boiling my new driftwood and I’m kinda stuck on how to use it. I ended up with sticking the new funnel shaped piece in a corner and sticking my smaller pieces around. I don’t wanna keep changing it bc I don’t wanna upset my frog and have to keep sanitizing when I spill...
  15. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Boiling Question!

    Hello, I got some big pieces of driftwood yesterday and I’ve been boiling them for several hours in a pot. The water is still running red/brown though. Do you think I should keep boiling them and maybe soak them overnight or are they ready to be placed. (I started boiling them morning/mid day...
  16. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Help! ADF ate a bit of grass!!!!!!

    So I ended up actually getting an African dwarf frog today and I just noticed her eating a piece of my dwarf hair grass I’m trying to grow. She spit out some of it and I used my aqua scaping tweezers to try to get some of it out but I think she ate some of it. Will she choke? Will she be fine...
  17. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Are these tests reliable?

    Hello! I use these two tests to check my parameters, and still had a new-fish death when they read fine. Could have not acclimated properly though. Just wondering if I should buy different tests. Which I don’t wanna do bc the one everyone recommends is expensive, but I’ll do it if these aren’t...
  18. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Aquascape suggestions?

    Hello! I finally have some money for fish stuff, but haven’t bought anything other than a new light for my 10 yet bc all the options r sO overwhelming. Here’s some pics of my tank. It’s a new 20 with 4 zebra danios (long finned and regular) and I wanna put 3 African Dwarf Frogs in there at some...
  19. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Java fern propagation!

    Heyyy!!! Hope if ur reading this ur having a good day. My Java fern is propagating and I’m wondering when the baby javas are ready to be cut and tied down!
  20. mileshasabrowndogenm

    Neons dying?????? Help me

    Hey everyone. I recently got a 20 gallon (also have a 10 gal) and so many of my fish have died. I think two in my 10 died (my nitrates were out of control) and then I put those fish in the 20 gal while I got the nitrates under control, and that made two of my fish in the 20 die!!!! I used...
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