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    20 Gallon Tank Pick my next fish for 20gal

    Salt and Pepper Pygmy Cory Catfish (Corydoras habrosus). While they do spend much time on the bottom, they also swim throughout the tank. They remain small (less than 1.5") are supper cute, active, and like to hang out together.
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    Brichardi Advice. . .

    Some of them are great. Many, not so great. I don't have a good local fish store, so I've been buying all my fish online for 11 years. I've never had one DOA, late delivery or sick fish. After the fiasco with the post office last year (in the US) and delays in general everywhere many...
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    Need proven algae eater.

    Maybe the pleco can visit the 10g once a month??
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    Bristlenose pleco in a 29g?

    I kept a pair of BNs in a 29g community tank for 10 years. They did very well and bred often. Maintenance was not an issue (50% wc weekly and gravel vac 1x/mo). So it is doable. Also , make sure you research each fish you want to be sure about compatibilty with the others and make sure they...
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    What filter is good?

    I've had both and liked the aqua clear better. It's been about ten years since I replaced them with canister filters and I don't recall why I liked one over the other. I do recall that they both worked fine for me.
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    Anyone quality white sand, aquatic soil & filter recommendations?

    I use pool filter sand for white. Are you planning on mixing soil and sand in the same tank? IMO the best filter is a canister filter. You could also do sponge filters. I guess it depends on what your plans / goals are for the tank.
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    Nitrate160ppm for red cherry

    It matches my API kit exactly. The colors and numbers in mine are the same as in the picure.
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    Shrimp food, not seen this brand recommended anywhere.

    zero nitrates. Have you cycled the tank?
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    Get danios to swim at mid level

    Is the gourami harassing the danios? Could they be trying to stay away from it? When fish are being chased, bothered, or bullied they will try to put distance between themselves and the bully. That often means hiding out at the top of the tank.
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    Get danios to swim at mid level

    That's good. When you get your test kit, test imeadiately for ammonia and nitrite and post your results so folks here can help you. Since you are doing a fish-in cycle you will be testing frequently and doing water changes to keep your fish safe based on the test results. What size tank...
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    Get danios to swim at mid level

    How long has the tank been running? Did you cycle it?
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    Get danios to swim at mid level

    That's not normal behavior for danios. Mine are in all parts of the tank and never stop swimming around. They seem to like swimming among the plants. Is this a new tank? Is it cycled?
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    Angelfish in a 25 gallons tank?

    Put a sponge pre-filter over the filter intake to prevent fish from being sucked in.
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    Danio help

    Glowlight danios (Celestichthys choprae) are danios and not tetras. They are smaller than a zebra danio. Is that what you got, or does does it glow like the glo fish do? I have 10 Glowlight danios (Celestichthys choprae) in a community tank and they chase each other occassionally (daily but...
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    Bladder Snails...Friend or Foe

    Thanks for the info! I wrongly believed that bladder and pond snails were the same.Mine have short, thick antennae and are solid dark brown so I guess I have pond snails.
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    Cycling tank problem

    How old is the nitrate test. They expire. I know from experience. Once I set up a new tank and put a lot of plants in. Nitrates were reading zero. I was pretty proud of myself until my fish started dying. A new test kit revealed that the nitrates were off the chart. I wasn't so proud...
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    Is this overstocking or ok?

    You'll be fine. It will give you room to add more fish in the future if you choose. In a tall tank like yours you could consider some hatchet fish to occupy the top / surface.
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    Im Having trouble keeping bristlenose plecos

    Can you tell us more about your tank? How long has it been cycled? pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. Did you aclimate them before adding to tank? Did you get them from the same source? BNs have always seemed bulletproof to me, though I'm not sure about albinos. To have 2 of them die soon after...
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    Fish Vocab Word I am forgetting

    I've wondered about the term "dither = to be indecissive" and how it came to be used in the hobby this way.
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    10 Gallon Tank Fish in cycle with nitrifying bacteria

    Test your tap water for ammonia and nitrate. You said the tank was running for over a week before you added the fish. Did you add anything during that time to start the cycling process?? Ammonia? Fish food? Until you figure it out, you should do water changes to keep the ammonia to about...
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