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  1. Sauceboat

    $1 AUCTION Bucket o’ Vals

    Looks like the auction is over! Congrats to Pwilly07 for winning!
  2. Sauceboat

    $1 AUCTION Bucket o’ Vals

    Yes, this is in the US. Ends Sunday the 15th at Midnight, Pacific Time
  3. Sauceboat

    $1 AUCTION Bucket o’ Vals

    My vals were growing too well and they were out-competing my carpet plants for root space. Took out half last week decided I didn’t like them much and so now time to get rid of the other half. We’ll start the auction at $1 + shipping* and have it end Sunday evening (Sunday 15th, Midnight Pacific...
  4. Sauceboat

    Cotton Wool or Fungal Infection?

    I would go with the anti-fungal, personally, but I don't have much experience with corries and their diseases, so I would want a second opinion on that
  5. Sauceboat


    The fish have been fine— the pond and the azola is both native to the area so the fish in there have adapted to live in such conditions Not much like red root floaters— kind of a thing of their own
  6. Sauceboat


    The ducks eat it throughout the winter and it keeps the mosquitoes at bay so I don’t mind it. I also use it as a floater in my tanks since it doesn’t grow as invasively indoors.
  7. Sauceboat


    All you red plant lovers, feast your eyes upon my vast pond covered entirely in red azola :)
  8. Sauceboat

    29 Gallon Tank Ways to euthanize a Guppie

    Hm, I suppose it’s your call then if you want to wait or ice him. Whichever way you think will spare him the most discomfort :)
  9. Sauceboat

    29 Gallon Tank Ways to euthanize a Guppie

    Can you wait until morning or is the condition too bad?
  10. Sauceboat

    29 Gallon Tank Ways to euthanize a Guppie

    I definitely would not recommend it. Would probably kill the fish, but not in any sort of quick or painless way. Could you get clove oil? It’s usually $5-10 at most stores. The freezer method is also quite popular in which you pop the fish in the freezer. Decapitation is probably better than the...
  11. Sauceboat

    Dart Frog Terrarium

    Built and planted my enclosure for my dart frogs I will be getting (the arboreal Ranitomeya amazonica) today. I’m on the waitlist now for two of them and I am very excited.
  12. Sauceboat

    My aquarium - opinions

    Going to be honest, typically I hate any tank that uses ornaments or fake plants but for some reason I adore yours— something about it is just so pleasing to look at.
  13. Sauceboat

    Starting with plants

    If I were you I’d just go for plants off the bat. I’d start with a dirt substrate capped with sand— cheap and contains enough nutrients so you won’t have to worry about fertilizers for a lot of plants. I’d plant heavy from the start rather than slowly adding it as it helps the tank balance...
  14. Sauceboat

    How to make mosquitos go away but keep fish healthy

    Mosquito fish are nice and super hardy. I keep them in small ponds even with no filter. I don't feed them ever either but they thrive off mosquito larvae, other bugs, and algae. So it's pretty low maintenance. But I do keep plants (lotus) to keep nitrogen low.
  15. Sauceboat

    Which Medaka?

    Hello! I’ve been breeding Gambusia for a while now and selling them on eBay and it’s been great fun so I’ve wanted to try breeding a similar fish and am thinking about Medaka. However I’m not sure if I want to get the red cap variety or the white one or some other one so I figured I’d ask what...
  16. Sauceboat

    Help ID'ing plants so I can propagate them

    First two you can propagate by division when they get bigger or will self propagate by producing plants of their sides. The last three should be propagated by trimming and replanting the cuttings when they get tall.
  17. Sauceboat

    Root like fungus growing on wood?

    I've had red staghorn algae and it doesn't look like that... have no idea what that is
  18. Sauceboat

    Stocking 10 gal with female betta

    I'd say just choose one extra species for a 10 gallon.
  19. Sauceboat

    Why is my plant turning brown?

    Can I see a picture? How exactly a plant is browning can tell us a lot about the underlying issues.
  20. Sauceboat

    New to live plants help!!!

    I personally prefer potting soil capped with play sand.. all my plants to amazing in it and it is very cost effective
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