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    Ammonia present in tank? Read here

    It seems like we’ve been getting the same question over and over again: “Why is there ammonia in my tank?”. Before you go and make a thread about it, ask yourself these questions: 1) Did you cycle your tank? If you did not, the ammonia that you are seeing is the beginning of aquarium...
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    10 Gallon Journal

    Well guess who snagged a 10G this weekend? This guy! Recieved this tank for free from a friend of mine that has recently gotten out of the hobby due to a busy schedule and lack of care for fish. Here's the tank: removed I hoping to set-up this tank soon after the 5.5G is set-up...
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    Which to try?

    Hi. I am wanting to try another 5G tank once my 5.5G is up and running, but I'm wanting to try one of the following: (or the 2.5) The point of this thread is for feedback on the two listed tanks. What are your experiences with them? Pros and Cons? Are the filters adequate for the...
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    5.5 Gallon Journal

    Hi! So while I was at my grandparents today, I noticed a fish tank in the corn of the living room. Curious, I asked my grandma about it. Turns out they were given it and didn't want it. Soooo I took it home today! After a quick observation, I realized it was a 5.5 Gallon tank. Perfect! Just...
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    36 Gallon Bowfront Stocking

    Hi! Okay so I'm still deciding if I am going to get the 36G or not, but I want to have a stock plan in case I do. I have a huge selection of fish at my LFS so there aren't limits on fish. I like all kinds of set-ups so I'm just need ideas! Tell me what you'd stock this tank with if it...
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    Need Plant Advice

    HI guys & gals! It's been a while. I've been SO busy ever since school started up. I don't have much time to myself anymore. Still have not gotten a tank yet! Still in the works trying to get one. Now to get on topic! I've attempted a high light planted tank before but everything went...
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    Anyone into Gymnastics?

    Just wondering if I'm the only one here that likes gymnastics? I am a HUGE womens gymnastics nerd for some odd reason. I literally watch all the Championships and Cups or any major competitions that happen yearly. They can be up to 2 to 3 hours as well. It's just so interesting. I know...
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    Dorm 10G

    After a recent change of mind, I am going to do do a 10G tank instead of the 5G Fluval Spec V. One of the main reasons is because the 10G, heater, filter and hood are all free plus some decor and such. Me being as broke as ever, I took up the offer. I am going to replace the filter (it's an old...
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    ADA Aqua Soil

    Hi! Very soon I plan on getting a fish tank once again after about 3 yrs of not having them and right off the bat I want to try a planted tank once again (many failures in the past). Now, for soil I am wanting to use ADA Aqua Soil because of how great many say it is and how they have key...
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    Just another curiosity of mine from my fellow Fishlore members! My question is, what college did you attend? What did you Major and Minor in? I am going to be attending the University of Washington this coming semester for a double major in German and Spanish
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    Do you speak another language fluently?

    How many bilingual, trilingual, or multilingual Fish fanatics are out there? Any Polyglots? Anyone learning a language to become fluent? I only speak English, but I'm learning German and Dutch and I'm in love with them. I don't know what it is about German but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it...
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    Forum... Smaller?

    Hello, So recently the forum has gotten smaller on my screen. The font is smaller than what it used to be (For example: The names about the stars, that you are given by how many stars you have, has gotten smaller as well as the "post: 1234" has gotten smaller) and the symbols on the forum are...
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    Stocking a 55g

    Hello, I am looking for suggestions on stocking a 55 gallon fish tank. I do not have one yet, but I want to go ahead and make stocking plans for the one that I plan on getting in the future (Hopefully soon). I have many ideas that I'd like to share with you on what I want to do on the 55...
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    Stars under name

    Hello, I would like to ask: Why are the stars not appearing between my Username and my green block? One was there the other day and then it disappeared. I noticed a few other members don't have them either. Did I not turn on something? What's happening? -Nikita
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    Hi all!

    Hello everyone! My name is Nikita (Yes I'm a guy haha). I'm gay, Young, Athletic, and not new to fish keeping, I've keep fish some years now. I currently don't have any fish tanks whatsoever. I got rid of all of them a couple years back due to complicated reasons. I don't plan on getting any...
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