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  1. samanther98

    Harlequin rasboras

    I would like to be reassured that this is an itty bitty baby and not some sort of parasite! My harlequins have had one baby in the past who is now full sized and yesterday I noticed three little tiny ones but I've never seen one this small and can't find any search results. New mom panic lol
  2. samanther98

    20 Gallon Tank Can I add more?

    I was looking for some opinions, I have a 20g high with 1 betta, 6 harlequin rasboras, and 1 bn pleco. I previously had a mystery snail outbreak but didn't have the heart to kill them so I gave the snails their own tank. I always wanted loaches but I had two snails first, read they eat them...
  3. samanther98

    Filter or pump?

    I currently have a double sided sponge filter in my 20 gallon tank but it doesn't seem to be enough. Do I need a stronger air pump or a second filter? I don't know how air pumps affect the filters, I know it raises GPH but will it increase the water flow too? I need to keep it gentle for my...
  4. samanther98

    Mortar as glue?

    I'm making my own slate cave/structure thing and my dad suggested using mortar instead of glue to hold the walls and everything together. I found a lot of conflicting info on it, a possibility of it raising ph? Was curious if there's any personal experience doing this, as in small quantities in...
  5. samanther98

    A lot of BN Pleco questions!

    I got my Pleco as a baby not knowing anything about them, just looking for something to add with my betta and harlequins, the store suggested one and said the set up should be fine. I now know he should have a bigger tank, especially with the other fish, but I don't have the space right now. My...
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