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    What is the most personable fish you have kept?

    Out of all the fish you have kept throughout your life which one was the most personable, friendly, and active around humans? For me it would be the young largemouth bass I had a while ago. It was eating from my hands just one week after I caught him, and it was always excited and active when I...
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    Has anyone here kept species of the genus Guianacara? If so, how were they for you? Behavior, breeding, etc.
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    How easy is it for you to decide which fish you want to put in your tank?

    Today, there are so many different fish to choose from. So many shapes, colors, and patterns. So many prices. So many personalities. How easy or hard is it for you to choose between all of them?
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    Tropheus - how different is each species?

    Considering getting Tropheus. What is your experience with them and/or what do you know about them? More specifically their behavior. Also, how different is each species, and which one do you recommend? I'm especially interested in ones with the yellow band(s).
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    Soda cichlid/Alcolapia alcalia

    Saw this little cichlid while researching, and seemed worth looking into. What is your experience with the Soda Cichlid, Alcolapia Alcalia, or what do you know about it? Thanks in advance.
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    Rare and unheard of aquarium fish species

    I'm searching for rare and unique fish species in the hobby. Not because I intend to keep them, but because it just interests me. However, searching for fish species that are mostly unheard is not very easy. Hours of research and I can maybe come up with one new fish. So what fish species do you...
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    Rainbow Bellied Pipefish

    Found out about this fish while researching. Very unique and interesting. Has anyone kept one? Microphis deocata
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    Will half-banded spiny eel eat small tankmates

    Will an adult half-banded spiny eel be able to eat panda cories or penguin tetras?
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    Tide Pools

    One of my favorite things about visiting family members on the coast is going to the local tide-pools and finding all kind of creatures to look at for a few minutes and then release. Have you visited any tide-pools? What did you find? etc. The tide-pools on the coast of Sandiego aren't really...
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    Have you kept Penguin Tetras?

    If you have kept penguin tetras, how did you like them? Where they active? Any compatibility problems? I have researched most things about their care, but I don't know if they actually need water current to do well, or if not having water current will change their behaviors? Also, there seems to...
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    Apistogramma Panduro and Nijsseni price

    How expensive would a single specimen of Apistogramma Panduro or Nijsseni be? They are a less common apisto species, although I am not looking for any really pretty color morphs or anything. In fact, I am actually looking for ones that are tan with black splotching, and with little to no color...
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    Your favorite Hyphessobrycon species

    I am looking for a tetra of the genus Hyphessobrycon, but I am not sure which one to choose. Mainly because I am looking for a species that will actively swim about the tank, and some Hyphessobrycon tend to "hover" in the water column instead of swim. So which ones do you know of that are more...
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    Apistogramma with bottom feeders?

    Thinking of doing apistogramma for my 45 gallon. Foot print is about 36x16, give or take an inch. I think 6 apistos with a 1:2 male female ratio would be a good fit. However, I do want to have some bottom feeders, and I am concerned that they will be picked on by the apistos. I'd also like some...
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    What do you think you are getting for Christmas

    What gifts do you think your family and friends are getting for you? What do you want? What are you getting for them? etc. It doesn't have to be fish-related, but I do want to here the fish-related things you want for Christmas.
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    What are these cichlids? Cichlid ID

    I go through this fish book every now and then, and there is a picture of a tank with cichlids in it. It triggers me every time I see it because I do not know what type they are. The one on the left might be a threadfin acara? Or a close relative? One of them almost looks kind of like a texas...
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    Wood Catfish

    Anyone have any experience with wood catfish? I found them while researching recently and it was "want" at first site. To be more exact; Tatia galaxias Tatia musaica (Especially this one) Centromochlus perugiae Trachelyichthys exilis Tetranematichthys wallacei
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    Trouble Stocking my 45g

    Looking for some stocking ideas for my 45g. Been at this for a while now, but can't find a stocking option I like that will fit well with the tank. More specifically, I am looking for a group of cichlids as the main fish of the tank, preferably from South America. Their will also most likely be...
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    Bolivian Rams or German Rams? Explain.

    Which is better in your opinion? Bolivian Rams or German Rams? Please explain.
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    What unique foods have you fed your fish?

    What unusual treats have you given your fish from time to time? (Vegetables, fruits, meats, man-made foods, live foods, etc.) I don't feed crazy food to my fish much, but when I had a 3-5 inch baby bass, I would feed him anything I found outside that could fit in his mouth, from grasshoppers to...
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    How many Orange Chromides in a 45 gallon?

    Considering doing an orange chromide tank, but not sure how many I can have. They are relatively small fish (3-4 Inches), so I am assuming I can have a group of 4-6, even if they pair? I also need some tank mate ideas. Although the tank will be completely freshwater, I am looking for other fish...
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