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  1. NofishB4

    10 Gallon Tank Did someone say Betta glow up?

    Love the names!!! We house Spike over here!
  2. NofishB4

    Betta sorority with Bolivian ram?

    I would not. I have a female Bolivian in with 2 female bettas in a heavily planted 40 gallon community tank. None of the fish have any problems whatsoever with any of their tank mates EXCEPT each other. My bettas have their territories and flare occasionally when the the other wanders in. But my...
  3. NofishB4

    Female Betta tank mates?

    I’d start with 6. And I would add them first. Personally embers are my favourite of the 3 because they are bolder than the others and are always out and about in my tank. They really color up from what you see in the store.
  4. NofishB4

    Female Betta tank mates?

    In a 10G I would definitely say the embers, galaxies or green neon tetras. The honeys and mollies are definitely too big. You might get away with 2-3 female platies or guppies. All live bearers have the same gin type for girls vs boys...
  5. NofishB4

    Female Betta tank mates?

    How big is your tank? We have never had any aggression with our bettas (male or female) in our community tanks. That being said certain tank mates, genders and fin types have definitely worked better than others! Ember tetras or galaxy rasboras are our favourite tank mates so far. They eat...
  6. NofishB4

    Divided tank questions?

    How many have successfully, and long term, kept a divided tank? We are looking at dividing a 20G long into 2-3 sections. Have read some information that suggests that the bettas can sense the other bettas and this causes stress for them.
  7. NofishB4

    Just got my first betta.

    I love crowntails!!! Mine male was Shredder too! He’s the second pic (pink). First is my daughter’s Spike (white)
  8. NofishB4

    Honey gourami sex

    Definitely looks like a male to me.
  9. NofishB4

    40 Gallon Tank Please review the tank.

    Your tank looks beautiful. I’d suggest some amano shrimp to help with any algae that may pop up and help eat any food that hits the bottom of the tank. Maybe a mystery snail? You could try adding a background for the tank. I’m partial to black but a blue would look nice too. But even if...
  10. NofishB4

    New fish suggestions!

    A powder blue dwarf gourami would look nice in there. And would definitely help with population control. Or you could try a betta. My male crowntail loved hunting guppy fry. I would suggest a plakat or a female betta as they have shorter fins and are less likely to get fin nipped by tank mates...
  11. NofishB4

    15 Gallon Tank Fluval flex stocking

    It’s a pretty tank. Would be a shame to tear it down. I’m assuming you don’t want another betta? My vote is always a betta as my daughter loves them to death. But what about 3-4 pea puffers? They would probably love that tank but they might eat your shrimp. Or maybe some guppies or endlers for...
  12. NofishB4

    40 Gallon Tank Stocking Suggestions Please!

    I originally had 12 of each. Each school lost 2 and both schools are holding steady with 10 each. Neither species seems to really school together. They mostly spread out unless it’s feeding time or water change time…then they really tighten up.
  13. NofishB4

    40 Gallon Tank Stocking Suggestions Please!

    You could do cardinal tetras or ember tetras. I have both in with my rams. The cardinals swim a little lower in the tank while the embers stay in the top third. Neither species really eats from the bottom floor of the tank, so no food competition. I don’t find either species particularly...
  14. NofishB4

    20 gal long vs 29 gallons

    The 29 and 20 long have the same footprint (base dimensions). Both are equally as good for your bottom dwellers. So I would do a 29 if you can afford it and have the space. It will give you more options for stocking if you want to add a schooling mid dweller. BUT if your heart lies in...
  15. NofishB4

    20 gal long vs 29 gallons

    Depends on you decor and whether your betta is short or long finned. Short finned bettas have no problem with the height of a 29. Long finned might struggle but if you have a couple betta leafs or a betta log and a couple tall plants (real or fake) for him to rest on closer to the surface then...
  16. NofishB4

    50 litre tank centerpiece fish ideas?

    I have mine in a 38G. My LFS only had males left so I originally had 2 but they did NOT get along despite many hides and no females. In a your tank could do a solo male or pair (you wouldn’t get any fry though unless you remove the eggs). Mine is super active, my daughter calls him rocket...
  17. NofishB4

    50 litre tank centerpiece fish ideas?

    Mine gets along with rummynose (similar size and activity level). He doesn’t bother anyone in the tank at all. His only issue was with the other male killi. As for the paradise my LFS keeps one in a tank with white clouds. They seem to be more aggressive with other paradise/betta/gourami type fish.
  18. NofishB4

    Ideas for stocking?

    I have rummynose in a 38G (3ft) and also feel it’s too short for them. I feel like embers are way more active than cardinals/neons (at least in my tank). But you can’t beat that bright red/blue for color. Any of these fish might nip at long flowing tails of male bettas. Both my cardinals and...
  19. NofishB4

    Before and after Glofish gravel

    I really like floating plants to make a statement. The long roots are just amazing. I have water lettuce but frogbit gets the long roots too
  20. NofishB4

    50 litre tank centerpiece fish ideas?

    What about a paradise fish for a centrepiece? Very similar in temperament to a betta but enjoy cooler waters. Or if you want a smaller pop of color I recommend a trio of a australe killifish. I have 1 make in my tank and he’s gorgeous. Don’t get 2 males though...mine killed the other male I had...
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