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  1. SotaAquatics

    10 Gallon drilling reinforcement question

    I am going to be drilling a new rack of 10 gallons soon. I had a thought of cutting out some 5x5 or so pieces of 1/8 to 1/4 inch glass, and siliconeing it to the tank. the hole and bulkhead will then be drilled/installed through the middle of this reinforced section. My concern is not...
  2. SotaAquatics

    Converting 40 Breeder into 30 Breeder?

    Has anyone ever converted a 40 gallon breeder into a 30 gallon breeder? I will be moving my "temporary" fishroom into its new final fishroom starting by end of this year. Ideally I would like to be going three high with aquariums and my preferred footprint is the 40 breeder. Due to my...
  3. SotaAquatics

    Caridina babaulti

    Was able to finally get some caridina babaulti. Very excited, shrimp arrived healthy and active. I do have one question, a lot of pictures I have seen have some that are quite a bit more opaque and often with a stripe down the back. Is that something they develop as they mature or are there...
  4. SotaAquatics

    Weekend Aquarium Build

    Hey All, Went up to a friend's house for the weekend, she hasn't been happy with her 40 breeder for awhile so we decided to work on a new aquascape for it. Will go over the build and what we did below. She wanted a cave theme up high in the background and I feel like we achieved it pretty...
  5. SotaAquatics

    Christmas tree lights in April?

    Nope, just some cherries hanging out.
  6. SotaAquatics


    Hello All, My cat was diagnosed with diabetes last week. Rainbow - just shy of 10 years old - is my best friend and has been with me through a lot of life changes and transitions over the past decade. The one constant that I have had through the majority of my adult life, my rock. He had...
  7. SotaAquatics

    Bloody Mary or Cherry Shrimp

    Hi All, I have some shrimp - they were sold as bloody marys. They have been prolific breeders and I would like to start selling them, however I feel a little confused if they are true BMs and would like some help to confirm identification - I am not going to be someone who tries to sell...
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