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    what ferts?

    kallililly1973 Plants look great! Just curious what ferts you use?
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    My New Dwarfs!

    Today I got my new fish in the mail! These guys are the final addition to my 20 gallon with 9 harlequin rasbora. I bought a M/F pair of Nannacara Anomala off of a seller on Aquabid and he sent a bonus female with the pair! I’m super excited and hope to get some babies! The females are just shy...
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    Harlequin Rasbora Spawning Behavior?

    In my 20 gallon planted tank I have 9 Harlequin Rasbora. They have been in the tank for approx 2 weeks and everything is going well. They are the only fish in the tank currently. Water parameters are 0, 0, and about 5 nitrate. This morning I noticed two of the larger ones running their bellies...
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    Another Snail ID

    So these guys found their way into my aquarium on my plants. I could only get one half decent picture. I’m pretty sure they are pond snails. Just looking for clarification. Thanks!
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    Fungus/algae on Lily

    I recently set up my aquarium and the plants all seem to be doing pretty well, however, on my dwarf lily there is a type of fungus/algae that has been on it since day 1 (about 5 days ago). I noticed it about 12 hours after I put it in and it has very slowly grown over the past 5 days. The plant...
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    African Butterfly Cichlid - pH is around 8

    I just heard about this dwarf species the other day. I have been doing some research, but have a few questions. My tap water has a Ph right around 8. I’m assuming this means it’s on the harder side. I need to get a kit and test. Is that preferred for a West African species? Does anyone have...
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    Got some goodies today

    Had a few key pieces for my tank come in today. I’m still waiting on some gravel and my spider wood.
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    Medications you keep on hand

    The title pretty much says it all. I searched, but couldn’t find much. I’m just curious what medications you guys keep on hand at all times in case of emergency. Your go-to meds. I’m in the process of setting up my 20 gallon, but have yet to add any fish. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
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    Pisces Midnight Pearl

    Does anyone have any experience with Pisces substrate? More specifically, the midnight pearl? The description fits what I am looking for and I like the color composition. I’m looking for a small gravel (2-3mm) and am between this and the Carib Sea peace river gravel. Any input is appreciated...
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    Returning to the hobby

    Hello all, I wanted to introduce myself. I have been lurking for a few weeks and doing a bunch of reading about setting up my new aquarium. This is a wonderful forum with a wealth of knowledge. Years ago I had a 90 gallon with a couple Oscars that were great fish. While fun, I’m going to stick...
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