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  1. Lebeeze

    Albino Oscar not growing

    I purchased a baby albino Oscar fish about 4 or 5 months ago from a LFS and it hasn't grown at all. I have it in a 60 gallon grow out tank with some other cichlids, (firemouth, EBA, severum etc.). I bought it at about 2" the same time I bought my True Parrot at 3 or 4". The parrot is 6 or 7"...
  2. Lebeeze

    Jaguar cichlid will not eat

    I've had a 6 or 7" jaguar cichlid in a 55 gallon tank alone since I bought him from a local person that past Tuesday. So it had been roughly 4 full days now and the fish has not eaten anything. The first couple days I wasn't too worried because the fish still looked happy and was trying to mate...
  3. Lebeeze

    Jaguar male or female

    Can anyone tell me if this is a male or female jag? Also maybe some tips from anyone who has owned one in the past. I tried putting it in my 135 gallon but my salvini would not leave it alone. Eventually the jag ended up taking a couple chunks out of the salvini head so I removed it and tried...
  4. Lebeeze

    Please help with the ID of these African cichlids

    I'm trying to sell some fish and just need the proper names so I can advertise correctly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Pic 2 it's both blue fish. Pic 3 the orange mbuna.
  5. Lebeeze

    How to cure tapeworm/internal parasite?

    I have 2 fish, 1 snow white mbuna and the other an Albino tiger Oscar, that seem to be suffering fro. Tapeworm/sunken belly. The snow white I've had for around a year and has barely grown and has the same sunken looking belly. The Oscar I just purchased a week ago , is a baby still, but has the...
  6. Lebeeze

    Sharing water between tanks

    I have a 2 large tanks, both with similar stocking ( african cichlids). I just wanted to somehow make a device that would allow both tanks to share the same water, Making it so water would flowing back and forth through this "device". I want this just so the water quality in my 75 gallon stays...
  7. Lebeeze

    Silver dollar shoaling

    Just a quick question, if I have 3 adult red hook silver dollars will they get along and shoal will 3 younger regular silver dollars?
  8. Lebeeze

    Internal parasite???

    I have a snow white mbuna that I have had for about 6 to 7 months now. He/she eats like crazy but still has a bit of sunken belly and has grown very little in the time I've had it. I'm guessing there is an internal parasite problem as the fish is super active all day and attacks food non stop...
  9. Lebeeze

    Yellow Lab infection?

    I rearranged some fish the other day between 2 of my tanks and my yellow lab ended up getting beat up on. I've removed the lab but now it's tail where it was bit is turning red, is there anyway to help cure this? A201 any ideas??
  10. Lebeeze

    Hydrogen peroxide

    I'm curious if anyone has used hydrogen peroxide 3% to help with black beard algae? My 75 gallon has been infested with it for months now and I'm not being lazy, I'm doing above needed water changes, 80% per week and I'm taking a razor to the tank twice a week to remove as much as I can but it...
  11. Lebeeze

    40 Gallon Tank Cleaning Fry growout tank

    Just curious how you all go about cleaning out your fry growout tanks without killing the fry. I have a 40 gallon dragon blood fry tank with about 50 to 60 fry in it. Every week I do my 50% water change on it but I've never done a good bottom vacuum cause I'm too afraid the fry will get sucked...
  12. Lebeeze

    Tank leak!

    Alright new problem. My Red Devil tank sprung a leak at the very bottom seal, luckily I noticed pretty quick and not much mess to clean. I'm in the basement anyways so it's not a big deal. My problem is where to put my Red Devil until I can find a new tank for her. She is a female about 9" or...
  13. Lebeeze

    Toys for RD

    I have a female Red Devil that is around 9" in a 55 gallon tank, I am aware it is too small but that is the only tank I had because my LFS couldn't find anyone to buy it so I said instead of it sitting in a little 20 gallon I would take it home, I plan on rearranging my fish room and eventually...
  14. Lebeeze

    Funny Vet breeder.

    So I came across a post on kijiji that said... " selling my 3 albino cichlids and 1 african cichlid". So I asked what they were more specific than albino or african and I got this... What would you guys say to him/her??
  15. Lebeeze

    Eyebiter and brown ghost knife

    I currently have an eyebiter (predator hap) and an African ghost knife (brown) in my hospital tank as the eyebiter has a fungal infection and the ghost knife looked to have alot of scratches on its body. I'm not sure what caused the scratches but I decided to separate it from the other tankmates...
  16. Lebeeze

    Snail came out of nowhere?

    So I was doing some cleaning on my aquaclear 110 that is on my 135 afrcan cichlid tank and sitting on the gray basket that holds the media, was a baby snail. I put it in my 5 gallon tank and it indeed is alive and moving around. So my question is where did this snail come from? It is a...
  17. Lebeeze

    Vc 10 female wierd bumb.

    I have a female vc 10 in my 135 gallon african cichlid tank. I don't ever see her involved in any aggression. My water is always 0,0,5-40. I do my 60 to 70% weekly water changes and check parameters often. So there is a wierd bump I noticed on the vc 10 today, I will post pictures but it...
  18. Lebeeze

    Tidal filter

    Does anyone here use the seachem tidal filter at all? I have 2 of them, a 110 and a 50, both of them have the same issue that I can't seem to fix. The seachem tidal is supposed to work as both the surface skimmer and pull water from an Intake hose. The issue I'm having on both filters is the I...
  19. Lebeeze

    Is this ich

    Hi I think I may be worried about nothing but is this ich or just the normal "shine" of a silver dollar?
  20. Lebeeze

    Fry with mystery snail.

    This might be a dumb question, but I moved a female dragon blood who is holding over to my 5 gallon tank. Once she released the fry I will move her back to the main tank but the thing is I have a very large mystery snail in the 5 gallon right now. Will the snail eat the fry lol . I would think...
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