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  1. Greenfungaloo

    Rescuing goldfish

    Hi! this is just a friendly thread where I was hoping to share the story of getting some goldfish and get some advice from time to time :) lil story/background (skip the italics if u want lol) So I'm not a total noob, I've had a goldfish who I loved very much but sadly died about half a year...
  2. Greenfungaloo

    Going away should I remove sand & water from empty tank?

    Hi! So my fish died and now i have 2 tanks, both have no fish. The current is an empty 75 gallon tank running in the basement and im going away for 10 days. However in my previous tank i left the sand / mud (?) With the intention of moving it to the current tank, but now it has been sitting...
  3. Greenfungaloo

    Sap, anyone know of Spaces Place?

    Spaces places chlorine and ammonia remover. Does it work for a goldfish please and how much to use if so please reply asap
  4. Greenfungaloo

    Goldfish clamped fins, difficulty swimming

    my goldfish is acting super wierd - he is in the bottom right of his tank and not moving, tried giving him food but he didnt even react (he is super exited normally). his fins are pinned and he is breathing but thats it - am filling out emergency template please give suggestions. he in in 35g...
  5. Greenfungaloo

    Sand or soap causing bubbles?

    Heya, so im setting up a new fish tank, and I just put down some sand in it and put approx 5 gallons or so of water in (its 75g). So i am using "SeaChem Flourite Black Sand". I didn't clean out the tank beforehand other than a light dusting. So i poured in the water and noticed a lot of bubbles...
  6. Greenfungaloo

    My goldfish is coming up for air a lot, please help

    I could be wrong but i beleive my goldfish is coming up for air quite a bit more than normal. He will usually have 5-20 second breaks before returning for air. Normally i will catch him at the top every once in a while. I am very concerned. I cant post a video rn... i just cleaned his tank...
  7. Greenfungaloo

    Hi! A noob wondering about some tank cycling advice?

    Hello! Thank you so much for cominggg! I recently got a 75g (upgrading from my 30-35g) and i cant wait to set it up. However I have no clue how to cycle a tank. I was extremely lucky with my 30g and everything was fine even with only letting it sit a day... But this time i want to do it right...
  8. Greenfungaloo

    Just a friendly thread where we share our aquascape ideas/tanks :)

    hello to anyone who might be reading this -- i hope you are having a good day, and thank you for checking this out! i thought I would just make a lil thread with some aquascaping ideas and perhaps even the tanks themselves I recently got a 75g and am super exited to set it up, so if you guys...
  9. Greenfungaloo

    75 Gallon Tank Best tanks for earthquake zone?

    Hi! I want to get a tank ranging from 55-75 gallons, but i live in an earthquake zone Setting aside pricing, what would be your guys's reccomendations? thank you!
  10. Greenfungaloo

    Help identifying non-fancy goldfish type?

    Hello! i have had my goldfish for a little over half a year now, and in that time he has managed to make me very confused as to what he is. I have atttached pictures in chronological order (sorry if theyre bad, im afraid i wasnt much of a photo taker) and tried to pick the best 1. I know he i...
  11. Greenfungaloo

    Goldfish tank sizing opinions

    I know this is somewhat controversial, but i wanted to get a larger idea of exactly what tank size a goldfish might need, and if possible, why. *(fyi, im talking about non-fancies)
  12. Greenfungaloo

    Help! I need to know goldfish tank size!

    Hey, i have a goldfish who is seeming to be getting slowed down in growth from our 30-35g tank. I just managed to convince my family to get a 75 g tank for our 1 goldfish (no other fish) but the question of is the size truly nessecary came up. I honestly cant figure this out. 1. How big a tank...
  13. Greenfungaloo

    75 Gallon Tank Best filter?

    The title is fairly self explanatory for my question: what would be the best filter for a 75g tank. It would be housing 1 goldfish, nothing more, nothing less...
  14. Greenfungaloo

    Algae in my tank? What kind?

    Hi, thank you so much in advance! A couple days ago i noticed some green blotches on my aquarium wall, and decided to clean it off in my next water change (that will be this weekend). But just 30 minutes ago i noticed the algae migrated to the other side too? I never had a problem with algae...
  15. Greenfungaloo

    Hpw can i help my bloated goldish

    my goldfish seems to be floating upwards, and i am worried about him being bloated. When i tried feeding him a pea he rejected it, please help me!
  16. Greenfungaloo

    Taking my fish for a walk!!!

    So, the other day, a crazy idea popped into my head. What if itook my fish for a walk? I was going down to the basement, the fishtank right by the door, my dog laying on her bed, and like always, i opened the door to go down. But i was talking (kinda, more like me talking my fish swimming) to my...
  17. Greenfungaloo

    Rescaping my tank!!!

    Hi! So, i have run dry on ideas, and all that i know is that i dont like how my tank looks. I am open to pretty much everything, but i am going to get sand for my substrate, and that isnt really up for discussion... however, the color is! I would prefer not to do live plants because of past...
  18. Greenfungaloo

    Cooling down a tank? Or am i being overly cautious?

    Hi! so, if you guys have read any of my threads, then you probably know that i am keeping a 3-4 inch goldfish in a 28g tank. To quickly get to the point, let me just put out these informations: 1. I dont know what type of goldfish he is. But i do know that he is not a fancy goldfish 2. I am not...
  19. Greenfungaloo

    Fish feeding opinions and discuss

    Hi, i thoight i woild make a thread on how long to feed your fish. I know for some people they also feed by size, so i thought that it could be discussed here. Its pretty unclear on the internet the specific amount of time to feed your fish, and i was just wondering what you guys though, so i...
  20. Greenfungaloo

    Goldfish glass surfing

    Hello! Im not sure if i put this in the right place, so please move it if there is a more adequate place for this thread! Right now, i am keeping a 4 inch goldfish in a 28g tank, and nothing else. I would estimate tho that the tank has about 26 gallons of water in it, because of gravel, stones...
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