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  1. mrsP

    Do TV series like "Tanked" have a responsibility?

    My dentist (in North Yorkshire) has litreally one of these, with 3 or 5 goldfish in it, don't remember now witch. It's been there for years, and as far as I remember, it's always been well maintained, fish active and curious, but I've never really thought if they change the fish often. I have to...
  2. mrsP

    Do TV series like "Tanked" have a responsibility?

    MrsP shocked after she found these creatures in her tank! (Spoiler: detritus worms)
  3. mrsP

    Bacterial bloom disappeared overnight

    I'll take any patience, and test new tank every day.
  4. mrsP

    Bacterial bloom disappeared overnight

    I have new 90L aquarium with bn pleco fry in it. I did use cycled filter media from previous tank, added to larger filter. It has had some persistent bacterial bloom for days, and yesterday it was quite bad, you could barely see fish in it. I added 30ml bottle of API Quick Start, and 1st day...
  5. mrsP

    YouTube collaboration poll

    I can take pictures and footage of my 250L Hillstream loach (breeding) tank, and 90L bn pleco (and some HL fry) grow out tank. I have 2 female bn plecos in 250L, and male bn in 90L. I put him in his cave to large tank when I'm ready for next batch of bn pleco fry, then lift him with his condo to...
  6. mrsP

    High temperature in goldfish tank

    All times I've had goldfish, they have been part of tropical community. Temprerature has always been around 24 Celcius, and never had any problems with them.
  7. mrsP

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Water tests to both, and pwc to new one. Also I need to dig out bigger filter from my box for it, and put both female bn plecos back to bigger tank. I was thinking about putting adults too to it (90L) but all things considered, I think I'll keep it as grow out tank so adults... back to 250L...
  8. mrsP

    Hello Im lavania and brand new to the freshwater world

    In my first (360 litres, planted) tank when I had no idea that they might not, I had pair of gouramis and a pair of bettas with other fish, and had no problems with either. Key here might be enough space and plants to cut line of sight.
  9. mrsP

    Hello Im lavania and brand new to the freshwater world

    Welcome! 75 is so much easier to manager than tiny one, and you can add a betta there too. You'll be amazed how differently they behaves in large tank.
  10. mrsP

    Idea for a YouTube group/content coop

    I can't offer much, but perhaps my Hillstream loach tank and how they breed could be mildly interesting? I have no clue how to edit, or voice over or any of that, or having my face or voice anywhere to be seen or heard. I'm shy.
  11. mrsP

    55 Gallon Tank Ammonia issue in new tank

    Take them out. Cycling is natrual process and if anything, do more water changes and use seachem prime, api ammo lock, or similar. There's no harm also dumping whole bottle (small) of some live aquarium bacteria product to your tank, but I wouldn't do anything else except those. If cycling is...
  12. mrsP

    55 Gallon Tank Ammonia issue in new tank

    Your tank is still cycling, as it's starting to have nitrites and nitrates. It just needs more time. If you know anyone with cycled aquarium, you could ask them to squeese cycled filter to a bag, and take that sludge to your filter as it's full of bacteria. It could help to speed up the process...
  13. mrsP

    Please help! Depression in the hobby

    I hope this mess of a tank could give you some inspiration, or serve a guide of what not to do. :)
  14. mrsP

    What fish for this 60 gallon half barrel? will it work?

    Here in UK many goldfish live in ponds all year round, and it's cold in winter. So no need for heater, but they do cause a lot of mess.
  15. mrsP

    Please help! Depression in the hobby

    If you want to keep all tanks but have it easier regarding fish, you can grow plants in them, and when you want to add some fish, you have a good environment ready. Easy way to change plants around is to plant them to small (clay) pots, so you can just swap them around when you like, and find...
  16. mrsP

    White Patch/Spot on Hillstream Loach

    You have a beatiful girl there. Has she hurt herself? That looks like she's broken her skin, and if it's fuzzy, there could be also fungal infection. If it's just a scrape, without fungus, (not fuzzy) a good and clean water (read: more water changes) works best. If it's fuzzy, there's lots of...
  17. mrsP

    What fish can I add in my 10g after cycling?

    I would most likely get alien betta, with a jungle of live plants. That would look awsome.
  18. mrsP

    Green but Clear Water

    I don't have an answer, but my tank water is also tinted green, but perfectly clear, and parameters are perfect, so I don't worry of it.
  19. mrsP

    My 250L tropical aquarium

    Second batch of bn plecos has hatched today, there's a lot of wrigglers in the cave. I noticed shrimp eating near cave something that looked like empty egg shells, do males "clean" the cave after hatching and take shells out, or eat them? I'm putting a plate outside of cave for him, some Hikari...
  20. mrsP

    What is this white stuff in my tank?

    People often get white foam with high ammonia.
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