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  1. badrad

    Cat peed in my water change bucket...

    Buckets are way cheaper and less stressful than losing and replacing fish. If in doubt, just drop by the dollar store. Store them upside down or hang them up to keep them out of the way. And yes as others have mentioned, maybe check on the cat. Long ago when my cat was still young, she was...
  2. badrad

    Best electric vacuum for 45 gallons (20 inches tall)

    I have the Eheim Quick Vac Pro for almost 8 years now, works well in all my larger tanks (30 half moon, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120). Not so well with my shallow tanks, the water level has to be at least above the mesh screen in order to create an adequate suction.
  3. badrad

    Petsmart and COVID19 rant

    I've been stuck at home now for a few weeks, and have not seen my grandkids over this period. One of their enjoyments (and mine) with their weekend visits to the house is to spend entire afternoons watching all the fish in my dozen tanks in the basement and helping with occasion maintenance as I...
  4. badrad

    How Attached Are They To Us?

    In my experience, it depends on the species. The majority of my fish do not interact with me other than they are excited as I walk near the tank in anticipation of food. I have had 4 blood parrots of varying ages and they are the only fish in my various tanks that will want to actually play with...
  5. badrad

    2 Small Stands For One Large Tank

    On one of my earlier setups, I suspended a long tank (5') across a couple stacks of old mag wheels and I put an old wardrobe door laid across 2x4s over the 2 mag stacks and the tank sat on a thick layer of styrofoam. I made sure the platform was level using shims under one stack of wheels...
  6. badrad

    Do You Turn Off Your Filter/heater During Water Changes?

    Years ago I had the unfortunate pleasure of cleaning up splattered glass from a heater that exploded on me as I filled up with cool water. Rather stupid mistake as I normally only do a 10 to 20% water change and I usually don't need to turn off the heater since it is still under water, but in...
  7. badrad

    Broken Heater, Kuhlis On Side

    Good! For emergency purposes any heater will do as long as it can keep a proper temperature setting. What I am really upset with is that I have a lot of extra heaters just sitting around in my equipment pile, and I was considering to replace that heater a couple months ago. So I am still beating...
  8. badrad

    Broken Heater, Kuhlis On Side

    Getting a new heater quickly is the best option. Depending on the water conditions of the critter keeper, if the fish has already started to exhibit some problems due to the colder water, it's immune system could be compromised, and moving to another tank could cause more problems. If you can't...
  9. badrad

    Black Ghost Knifefish Dying :(

    I might suggest watching out for that rainbow shark could be the likely culprit of attacking your BGKs. I have had rainbow sharks in the past and they were monsters in small package, killing everything around them by ramming into them as they stake out their territory. BGKs are blind and slow...
  10. badrad

    Dwarf Puffers

    That is so true. I recall my puffer's tummy limit was typically only one or two, but in the beginning before I knew better I put in a dozen snails only to come back a short time later to find a dozen empty shells, and a lot of dead snails all over the bottom. He seemed to like just killing them...
  11. badrad

    Dwarf Puffers

    It has been a number of years since I had my dwarf puffer, and did keep him for a couple years before he passed. I recall he was a bit of work to maintain as I had to watch the water parameters carefully, frequent water changes and vacuuming to keep the tank as clean as possible. He was a picky...
  12. badrad

    Help Needed

    Those shark catfish - if they the Pangasius Catfish or Iridescent Shark, you do know they can grow upwards to 3 - 4 feet? I have seen several that had been kept in a small (<100G) tanks and they grew seriously deformed as a result of the small space. Iridescent Shark Catfish Take your time with...
  13. badrad

    Does my quarantine tank need a filter?

    It all depends on your layout, and the room you have. Also if you have plans to add fish on a regular basis - such as if you are in ramp up mode in your fish room. Having a qt tank always available allows you to be in buying mode anytime, without having to worry about what to do when you get the...
  14. badrad

    Song Association Game

    Uncle Albert - The Beatles (Hands across the waters)
  15. badrad

    29 Gallon Tank Fluval 206

    That doesn't sound good. Definitely return it, not worth the trouble. But in general the 206, 306, 406's are decent canisters. Having one of each, they have been running for the past 3 years trouble free. So likely it being an open box, with parts missing as you mentioned, might have been faulty...
  16. badrad

    Don't do what I did

  17. badrad

    Don't do what I did

    I might add a suggestion if you get stuck with dialy water changes - if you have any extra large bucket try dechlorinating water the night before, and so you will be replacing water with water that has already past the 24 hr mark. Alternatively, putting the water in a bucket overnight (or...
  18. badrad

    Red flags when fish shopping?

    Also, regardless of where you buy your fish, always have a quarantine tank ready. As tempting as it may be, never put newly bought fish into an established tank without a quarantine period. oops, quarantine already mentioned.
  19. badrad

    Do I really have to have gloves?

    As mentioned earlier, personally I am more concerned about contaminating a tank than I am getting infected by any of my fish. And honestly, if the water quality could get so bad in a tank that gloves are needed, I would have failed one of my promises to my fish to keep their environment healthy.
  20. badrad

    36 gallon bowfront

    great looking tank! the Angel looks fabulous. certainly a tank to enjoy watching. cheers
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