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  1. MrBryan723

    Want To Buy Freshwater Crustaceans

    Cyclopse, seed shrimp, daphina, scuds etc... from a FRESHWATER environment. I recently purchased a variety pack off of Ebay from a reputable seller and they turned out to be for marine feedings... which meant the salinity was way off and I was buying them with the seller knowing they were...
  2. MrBryan723

    Looking for a fish-safe dye

    I want to check the flow of my undergravel filter and make sure it is still putting out water evenly. I'm after the safest thing that won't stain anything. Color preference would be blue for esthetic reasons, but whatever is safest. Any ideas?
  3. MrBryan723

    My little muntant

    So, some time ago I purchased 3 yoyo loaches. This fella and 2 others. I'm curious if anyone knows what is going on with him... the other 2 are normal sized adults. This one is not. This one is very personable, the other 2 are not. I included a frame of reference with this one and my betta...
  4. MrBryan723

    Looking for freshwater copepods online

    So, I'm trying to fine some freshwater copepods online. Was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for a seller. I'm looking for a variety of cultures with populations in the hundreds to thousands. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  5. MrBryan723

    Trying to make tank safe again

    So, after being set up and cleaned for about 2 months now, i decided to add some mollies last week. I am down to 1. I killed off a bunch of snails and was letting the ones i couldn't remove decompose for a while. My ammonia had been hovering around .5-1ppm for the past month or so. Once it hit...
  6. MrBryan723

    Nitrates depleted faster than expected

    Tldr: set up new tank with used media, had mts issue, cooked them, planted tank, lots of decaying plant matter and snails, lots of new growth, no fish. Dosed nitrates to 50ppm yesterday, they are around 20 today. Where did they go? I did a 99% waterr change yesterday x2. Put in a heavy dose of...
  7. MrBryan723

    MTS issues

    So, I recently moved and decided it was a good time to eliminate pest snails from my tank. I bleached the substrate with a pretty high concentration of bleach for 2 days. I dumped a whole bottle of cupramine into the water after rinsing the bleach away a bit and left that for another 2 days...
  8. MrBryan723

    Moving ivy's back to soil?

    So i have some ivy's in a filter that I'm wanting to plant in a planting box. Figuring i can just plug and play, but am not completely sure and I dont want to lose the length or have them die back. Anyone tried this before?
  9. MrBryan723

    120 Gallon Tank Got a 125g with stand and $300 in exchange for 200sq ft of vinyl plank flooring.

    Yay me. Also I just closed on my new house. I have a 100g and a 29g and a 2g... figure this is a good time to re-scape some things and replenish my soil.
  10. MrBryan723

    Is some shrimp dying normal?

    Once some of my shrimp get to a certian size some of them die. I have babies amd adults and some adolescent, but I've noticed the occasional shrimp just over 1cm dead. I only started with 4, so I probably have genetic issues amd have attributed this to that for the most part. Just don't know how...
  11. MrBryan723

    Growing horizontally, Please explain?

    Not exactly sure why some of these guys decided to grow horizontally... I would gander it has something to do with lighting or ferts? I can't remember the name of the plant, but I know it isnt typically a carpeting plant. At least not to this extent.
  12. MrBryan723

    Terrestrial ferts for a planted tank and other questions. Plants only.

    So I'm about to move into a shop and wanted to set up my 65g since it will have electricity. Figured it would give me something to look at while I'm working. I won't be using this shop very often, so the tank will be somewhat neglected, infrequent water changes etc. Basically everything you...
  13. MrBryan723

    Population limits in 2g

    So, I started with 4 shrimp. I have since then lost 3 of the original and gained 20+ shrimplets of several generations. It's a well planted 2 gallon tank, bit as it is only 2 gallons, how many more do you guys thinknit can handle? I have a feeling I'm about to have a population explosion as many...
  14. MrBryan723

    Name of this nematode?

    Looking for the scientific name. It's a non-parisitic rotifier as far as I can tell. The tank they are in had hydra which I eliminated with pancur-c. It's a shrinp only tank. I'm assuming the hydra were eating them as i had no vosible worms until i killed off the hydra. Also unusual, they...
  15. MrBryan723

    Anyone here into automotive restoration of any kind? I have a boat I want to start cleaning up.

    So I bought this boat something like 6 years ago for $400. I'm the 3rd owner, the 2nd owners dad was the original owner. It's a 1958 Duracraft 15' with an Evenrude 35 lark golden jubilee. When I got it, I re did the electrical and got the motor running. Prior to this, the last time it was used...
  16. MrBryan723

    Hibernate my box turtle

    So red eard sliders are easy. Just toss them in a water bowl and put them in the fridge for a few months. I've never hibernated a box turtle tho and I was wondering if a similar method would work just without the water. I was thinking i could chill her for a few days to encourage her to burrow...
  17. MrBryan723

    New pet! Any guesses

    So I'm pretty sure it's a fly species. I've seen them in outdoors ponds/puddles before in and around my native Lubbock TX. It's not your typical "worm like" larvae like mosquito and midge flies have. They are free swimming and move around almost like a scud or side swimmer. The one pictured is...
  18. MrBryan723

    Safe hydra remedies

    Alright so my original plan was to remove my 4 shrimp and cook the hydra to death. I have shrimplets! Yay. So now I'm looking at new ideas since I figure removing the shrimplets to be a feat in itself. It's a 2 gallon tank, so predators are mostly out of the question. Don't want snails aside...
  19. MrBryan723

    How often for water changes.

    So I have a 2g shrimp tank. I've been doing top offs with spring and distilled water. My readings have always been 0/0/0 and I don't figure that will change, due to the plants, for a long time. Is using a combo of both the spring and distilled enough to ensure proper mineral balance without some...
  20. MrBryan723

    This awesome thing happened.

    I'm working on these people's house. They have a tv they thought was broke, so they replaced it. They didn't want the old one so they offered me to take it. Turns out it just needed a factory reset due to a softwate glitch and it is a perfectly functional 75" Samsung UHD 4k 120hz TV. For free...
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