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  1. redmare

    XL bristlenose joining a mid size oscar- safe or not?

    I've got an 8-9" oscar in an 80 gallon tank. At the LFS a few days ago I saw the biggest bristlenose I had ever seen... it was probably around 8" long and at least 2" wide across the head, with a crazy set of face bristles. I was thinking it might be able to join my oscar... Is this a dangerous...
  2. redmare

    What's your ride-or-die algae eater?

    I also love nerites! They live in all my tanks... except my oscar tank.
  3. redmare

    What's your ride-or-die algae eater?

    I feel like every fishkeeper has their favourite algae eater, that they keep in as many of their tanks as possible and recommend to all their friends. Mine is the bristlenose pleco, I have two in different tanks and those two are just absolutely algae free! Excellent little buddies. What's yours??
  4. redmare

    Stocking 29g (shrimp friendly)

    I have an absolutely booming shrimp colony with my honeys! It's likely they eat a few babies but they have tiny mouths and could never eat an adult. I started with just 2 shrimp and now have... many many many shrimp.
  5. redmare

    Lateral Line????

    yep they do. cichlids have a very visibly prominent one. all fish have them
  6. redmare

    Running bio filter at night

    Just leave your filter on all the time. Ammonia is always being produced
  7. redmare

    Oscar tank is the only one with algae and I hate it

    A mix of plain black aquarium gravel and some crushed coral/sand/old mixed substrates. Nothing providing nutrients.
  8. redmare

    75 Gallon Tank Upgraded tropical community tank, an American cichlid as a centerpiece?

    I've never kept them, but geophagus are high on my list! I think the redhead tapajos can work well in that size, and would love the sand substrate. They're so beautiful and I love their behaviour.
  9. redmare

    Dwarf gourami best tank mates

    I really like pygmy cories in 10 gallon tanks! I had a little shoal of 7 with a betta in one. I've found my bottom dwellers actually really like flakes on the bottom, for my loaches I just take a pinch and stick it right under the water and they go nuts munching on it. Repashy is another bottom...
  10. redmare

    Stocking 29g (shrimp friendly)

    Here's my 29 gal stocking you might like! 1 longfin albino bristlenose pleco 3 honey gouramis 10 pristella tetras 10 neon tetras (I would recommend only one of the tetra schools unless you're quite experienced, this technically overstocks the tank) 8 panda corydoras 1 nerite snail 3 amano shrimp...
  11. redmare

    Oscar tank is the only one with algae and I hate it

    This is half question and half just complaining I have 8 aquariums, 7 of them are planted community tanks with minimal to no algae. The 8th is my 80 gallon oscar tank and disgusting brown hairy algae is taking over. I water change weekly and manually remove as much as possible but it seems...
  12. redmare

    Big ol’ worm/slug/leech pals taking over my mini pond

    I was just checking on my platy breeding tub I’ve had outside all summer, and there’s tons of these.... things stuck all over the rocks on the bottom they’re stuck by one end to rocks on the bottom and the other end is waving around. my pond has been very hands off, the goal was to set it up...
  13. redmare

    Vitamin supplements for live food for oscars?

    So I have a picky oscar. I thought it was impossible! I got her in Feb 2021 as a little baby, and she was a voracious eater for the first few months, but has slowly become more and more picky. She really only likes dried mealworms and live foods. I dig up earthworms which she just loves, and...
  14. redmare

    Gourami popeye- injury or disease?

    I just noticed one of my honey gouramis in my 30 gallon community has one bulging eye The other eye is fine, no other symptoms, normal behaviour, no signs of popeye or anything else on the other fish. I’m thinking it might be a battle wound (he and the other male honey squabble sometimes...
  15. redmare

    Photos/updates from Redmare’s fish room

    Well, it's been a couple of months! It's been a frustrating time in the fish room and honestly I've been kind of staying away from the internet, not really wanting to hear all the ways I could be doing better and just working slowly to figure things out. Starting with Ursula: she's still doing...
  16. redmare

    Overnight severe betta bloat

    Amazingly... he’s doing better!! He’s been in QT with salt and his bloat has definitely gone down! There’s still pineconing, but only on his ventral side, his dorsal side is flat again!! It doesn’t read very clearly in a top view photo but there are several rows of scales that were protruding...
  17. redmare

    Overnight severe betta bloat

    God, some days I hate fishkeeping. I've moved him into my always-ready quarantine tank with 1tbsp/2gal salt as a hail mary. Maybe it'll help, maybe not, I've heard it might just help relieve the pain.
  18. redmare

    Overnight severe betta bloat

    That’s the only thing I could think of trying. I had no idea dropsy came on so fast!! I don’t even know what I could have done differently
  19. redmare

    Overnight severe betta bloat

    Nothing was unusual with my betta yesterday. This morning he was a little big, like he had eaten too much. This evening he's shockingly bloated. He's pineconing and I'm scared for him. No other symptoms, swimming fine, interactive, healthy colour. Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 10...
  20. redmare

    Worried about overnight lows in my new mini ponds

    Thanks so much, everyone! I ended up taking one of the two heaters out of my oscar's tank and the heater out of my cool tank in the house that only gets a few degrees above room temp and moving them out to the ponds. I'm so glad I did, since the temp dropped right to zero and snowed!! The fish...
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