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  1. Sorg67

    Low Maintenance 29 Gallon Shrimp Tank

    I planning a 29 gallon shrimp tank. I have about 30 or 40 blue shrimp to start it with. I want to create an ideal breeding situation. How would you set it up? Just use the 30 or 40 I have that came from an initial population of 9? Or add some new blood for more diverse genetic material...
  2. Sorg67

    Speed Water Change Techniques

    I have been a bit lazy with my water changes recently, but have gotten back in the groove the last three weeks. I have let go of perfection and am going for speed. I have decided that you can get away with sub-par maintenance if you just keep up with the water changes. I am going to share my...
  3. Sorg67

    Move Shrimp Colony Questions

    I have a growing shrimp colony in a 10 gallon tank. They were marketed as "Blue Shrimp". I they are some variant of Neocaridina Davidi. The colony started with nine in May and is now at least 50 maybe more. Difficult to count. There were a lot of shrimplettes in the first few weeks. Then a...
  4. Sorg67

    How Long To Leave Zucchini in Tank?

    I put some blanched zucchini in my Neocaridina shrimp tank yesterday. A few nibbled at it in the first few hours, but they did not show a lot of interest. This morning there is a lot more interest. I am wondering how long I should leave it before I take it out.
  5. Sorg67

    Male Betta and Harlequin Rasboras in 40 Breeder

    How does this stocking work? I have 20 Harlequin Rasboras and some juvenile guppies in a 40 breeder. Considering adding a Male Betta. Read Harlequin Rasboras and Bettas do well together. Is that your experience?
  6. Sorg67

    Cross Contamination Between Tanks

    I am curious about what kind of cross contamination your are worried about. I do not worry about it at all, but perhaps I should. Are we talking about disease? Algae? Snails? Something else?
  7. Sorg67

    Small Water Change Technique

    I have a 10 gallon shrimp tank. I am told I should change 10% to 15% per week. I used a drip acclimation set up with a short airline tube into the tank. I set up the syphon and walked away. I came back a while later and the syphon had stopped as the water had fallen below the tank end of the...
  8. Sorg67

    Sponsor School Project

    I am considering sponsoring a school aquarium project. I was thinking I would donate some starter equipment and livestock. Maybe partner with a LFS. Perhaps there is a school aquarium club. Or maybe it could be in support of a science project. Possibly a class project. Maybe even a...
  9. Sorg67

    Guppy vs Rasbora Shoaling / Schooling Observations

    I have a tank with about 50 or 60 feeder guppies and another tank with 20 Harlequin Rasboras. When I approach the tank, both the guppies and the Rasboras come to the front of the tank. However, when I put my hand near the tank, the guppies come too my hand, the Rasboras go away. I have three...
  10. Sorg67

    DIY Sump

    I have an empty 20 long at the moment. I also have a 40 breeder that has a canister that is too tall to fit in the cabinet under the fish tank. I am wondering how difficult it would be to convert the 20 long into a sump. I do not understand the principles of how a sump works. In some cases...
  11. Sorg67

    How to Move a Shrimp Tank

    I want to move a shrimp tank across a room. I have nine adults and 10 or 15 shrimplets I am guessing a week to three weeks old in a 10 gallon tank. I would like to drain about 80% of the water to move the tank. I understand thank generally small water changes are recommended for shrimp...
  12. Sorg67

    Will a Cycle Develop Faster Without a Lid?

    Beneficial Bacteria is every where. In the water. In the air. In everything. On everything. It is attracted to food sources. Ammonia for starters, then nitrites. Put ammonia in a body of water, beneficial bacteria will be attracted, colonize on surfaces and expand to the extent of the...
  13. Sorg67

    Sorg67 20 Long Betta/Shrimp/Assassin Snail

    Over the past seven months, I have gone from zero to six tanks. A lot of rationalization about breeding needs, QT tanks and Petco $1 per gallon sales. Abandoning the guppy breeding has substantially reduced the need for these tanks. I have three 10 gallon tanks I am contemplating...
  14. Sorg67

    Replace intake and outflow tubes canister filter

    The tubes on my canister filter are dirty. Never been cleaned. I am considering just replacing them rather than cleaning them. Any thoughts?
  15. Sorg67

    Bucket / Water Container Management

    I have quite the bucket collection. Three aquarium only five gallon Home buckets. Two five gallon Home Depot bucket rescued from the garage (waste only). Two 3 gallon buckets aquarium only. Two 5 gallon water jugs. 40 one gallon jugs. One food grade 5 gallon bucket on the way. I have a 33...
  16. Sorg67

    My Fish Have Their Own Cell Phone

    I got a new cell phone recently. I am cheap so I do not replace my phones very often. My old one had little trade-in value and it had some stuff on it that did not transfer to my new phone. So I kept it. It does not have a phone plan. But it works for everything except calling and texts...
  17. Sorg67

    Fish Room Electrical System

    I have six tanks, one bucket, one canister, three HOB, one internal filter, two air pumps powering six sponges, five heater and six lights. I have a mess of extension cords, power strips and a timer. I would like to have a wiring system that goes through the entire room and connects all the...
  18. Sorg67

    Sorg67 29 Build

    My 29 is currently coming to the end of a cycle experiment and moving into the scaping and stocking phase. It will initially be stocked with 20 Harlequin Rasboras and one Panda Cory. The Panda is the lone survivor from a group of eight. I plan to get a school of 10 or so Corydoras of a...
  19. Sorg67

    TDS / KH & GH Reconciliation

    My tap water is about 8 dKH and 8 dGH. 8 degrees is about 17.85 ppm. Therefore 8 degrees translates to about 143 ppm. 143 ppm each for KH and GH suggests a minimum of 286 ppm dissolved solids. There is other stuff in the water so I would expect something more than 286. IMO, home test kits...
  20. Sorg67

    My Fish Have Their Own Bathroom

    It was the kids bathroom. Empty nesters.
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