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  1. Frank the Fish guy

    Gardeneri Killis have made babies! Any recommendations?

    I have a pair of Gardenri Killis in a 2.5 gallon nano with live plants. For a year they have lived in there. I went to change the water, and we see three babies!! While I was hoping for babies I was not counting on it. So it appears they like my setup! Cool! Will the parents eat or kill the...
  2. Frank the Fish guy

    How much bleach to add to 50 gallons water in holding tank

    I use 50 gallon drums to hold my well water. This allows me to aerate the water and get the oxygen up to fish ready levels. The problem is that algae grows in these holding tanks. This is dark green sheets of algae. So I want to add some bleach to kill the algae, and then have the chlorine...
  3. Frank the Fish guy

    What to do with newly arrived eggs that were stalled in transit.

    I just received some eggs that were supposed to take two days to ship, but took 2 weeks instead. These are Fundulpanchax Gardneri. They were picked on December 1. They have been incubated in water during shipping. Supposed to be incubated 14-21 days. So that means now. The water is still...
  4. Frank the Fish guy

    Idea for silent (quiet) fish room - basement air pump

    I have 8 tanks in the fish room. Most tanks (6 out of 8) have an air pump. So the room hums. When we unplug all of the air pumps, the room is quiet and peaceful. We like it. I am contemplating having a single air pump in the basement, and an air line run to the fish room and split 6 ways...
  5. Frank the Fish guy

    50 Gallon Tank All goldfish just died (Dropsy?) How to reset tank?

    I had 3 fancy goldfish in my 45 gallon tank, and recently added two more (from Petsmart). Ooops! I think the 2 new goldfish carried a disease. Today, two weeks later, all of the goldfish are dead. A few days ago they were all fine. Then they started bloating, having scales stick out on their...
  6. Frank the Fish guy

    10 Gallon Tank Do blind cave Tetra fish need a heater?

    I started a species tank of blind cave fish. Currently running no heater. I figure cave fish no heat right? They can live in cave temperatures. What do you guys think? We set the thermostat for the house at 68 but it will probably dip below that on a few cold days. And the water always seem...
  7. Frank the Fish guy

    Resealed tank - how long to cure before adding fish back in?

    I just did an emergency reseal of a tank. Used aquarium sealer from Petco. Removed old silicone and applied new bead on the whole tank at all the joints. Fish are in buckets. Would like to get them back in ASAP. Its been about 18 hours now. Feels solid, but still stinks. What's the soonest I...
  8. Frank the Fish guy

    What is your best recipe for biscuits. Please.

    I love a good biscuit. But I must confess I struggle. I imagine the perfect biscuit but I just can't make it happen in the kitchen. And I do try! This biscuit I imagine is soft, almost fluffy in the middle, but golden and crunchy on the outside. I put honey on it and it is like heaven. It...
  9. Frank the Fish guy

    Please help identify this fish. Lamprologus.x

    I have a pair of Lamprlogus fish. The two fish that are low, stay on the bottom in the video. They are in my Lake T. tank along with some Neo-Lamprologous Brachardi. I do know that the are Lamprologus, I just don't know which species. Can anyone help me id this pair please?
  10. Frank the Fish guy

    Just discovered way to boost microworm yield!

    I recently bought some fresh yeast (yeast cake) from a local deli since dry yeast has been hard to come by. I have learned to use fresh yeast in breads etc. Here is some fresh yeast: I made my usual microworm factory (dried...
  11. Frank the Fish guy

    Please recommend mates for this 45g goldfish tank

    I started a 45 gallon tank for three (fantail I think) small goldfish. Tank is very well established, unheated and has a big Aquaclear filter. Fake plants, and some rocks. Water is KH = 8, GH =8, pH = 7.8. Temp will be from 65 to 75 F usually over the year with a few dips lower or hotter...
  12. Frank the Fish guy

    Breed blind cave fish?

    I am starting a tank of just blind tetra cave fish. Would be cool to try to breed them. Any thoughts on how to breed these guys? Thanks Frank
  13. Frank the Fish guy

    How to verify oxygen level in water before adding to tank?

    I need a way to make sure the water I am about to add to the tank has enough oxygen. My well water is low in oxygen and high in C02 when it comes out of the ground. I learned long ago that if I fill up a tank with my well water and put in fish, they will be slow and gasping at the surface for a...
  14. Frank the Fish guy

    Advice on setting up a breeding tank for feeder shrimp

    I have a puffer that loves ghost shrimp and I buy them from the pet store. He also eats black worms and snails (from other tanks). I have a 5 gallon tank that I keep the pet store shrimp in (Ghost shrimp I guess?). They live for a while in there but do not thrive and die off. I can't run a...
  15. Frank the Fish guy

    Receiving fish in the mail today. Any recommendations?

    I am receiving 2 killies in the mail today, and they were shipped Monday 10:00 am. Should arrive today according to tracking. Their home is ready and water is mature. I have kept killies and raised them before, but this is the first time I am getting fish in the mail from a private breeder...
  16. Frank the Fish guy

    Please help sex these fish (Auratus)

    Got these 3 young fish. I am not sure how old they are. They are about 1.5" long. Can anyone tell if these are all female? I was hoping for one male to try to breed them. Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files
  17. Frank the Fish guy

    Rainbow Fish With Weird Growth Above Eyes - Please Help

    I have a tank with a school of large rainbow fish and one fish started having bug eyes. This was over a year ago. His eyes bugged out more, didn't act sick and I thought this was just the way he was. Then he started growing what looks like stalks above his eyes. Here is a video clip from a...
  18. Frank the Fish guy

    What to do with well water that has 20 ppm Nitrate? Nothing or whole house treat

    My well water has 20 ppm nitrate. This is a known issue in our area and some schools with little kids do not let the kids drink the water. Water is very soft and has 5.6 pH and only about 40 ppm CaCO3 hardness and low kH. I treat the whole house with soda ash which boosts the kH and...
  19. Frank the Fish guy

    Khuli loach - how to take care of them

    My 7yo daughter has a question regarding her new tank: She has a 2.5 gallon nano with a small live plant, rocks and 2 khulI loaches. What food do they eat? How do they act? How can I find them? Can they get along with Guppies? What temperature do they like the water? Do they sleep?
  20. Frank the Fish guy

    Aqueon mini-heater for brine shrimp container?

    I like to hatch baby brine shrimp to feed my killifish. Been using a little desk lamp to heat the water in a little Tupperware container with 1 quart of water. The light does not regulate the heat and it keeps it too cold generally so the hatch rate is lower than it could be. The ideal for...
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