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    4G/No Filter/No Plants - water change

    Yep, that ought to do it. Make sure the water is temperature matched and dechlorinated as per usual, and you're removing waste as well as water with each change. I allowed to ask why, though? Also, do you have a heater?
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    Guppy puffy eyes

    Hi there! The seems to be a problem with your photo; it didn't come through for some reason. Could you try again? Also, welcome to FishLore!
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    Is my Molly pregnant?

    If you've got a cycled tank that's hospitable to a fish that size, you might as well transfer over sooner rather than later. Stressing out a pregnant mama fish can interrupt the process and you can lose a batch of babies if you cause too much stress right around when she's ready to drop.
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    Is my Molly pregnant?

    I'm much more familiar with guppies than mollies, but my general rule of thumb is that if she's a livebearer, she's pregnant! The biggest tip for getting fry to survive is hiding places, and well-fed adults. The more plants, the more places you'll have for fry to escape, as well as forage...
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    How far along?

    I would guess she's got about a week to go yet, but it often depends on their size and variety how boxy they get right before delivery. My general rule of thumb is that if she's a livebearer, she's pregnant! The biggest tip for getting fry to survive is hiding places, and well-fed adults. The...
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    What is your favorite snail?

    I really like Malaysian trumpet snails! They hang out in the gravel, shifting the substrate and minding their own business, occasionally coming up to snack on algae. I also quite like their shape.
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    Cray tank - 2 week vacation?

    The office is closed for 2 weeks over Christmas and spring break, so recruiting a helper isn't really an option, unfortunately!
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    Cray tank - 2 week vacation?

    I've got a cycled and filtered 3-gallon desktop tank with a tiny little native crayfish (about an inch long) and a couple of bladder snails. I have a couple of stints throughout the year where I have a couple of weeks off work (16 days, including the weekends), so I'm just trying to plan ahead...
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    Truly yellow goldfish

    Regrettably, I cannot help. BUT while you wait for ACTUAL help, are you aware of exactly why yellow goldfish are so hard to find? It's my understanding that they previously were more common than their orange and white counterparts, but yellow was an imperial color in China at the time that...
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    Could someone tell me what this is?

    Hey there! If you post this in the "Fish ID" section with a descriptive title (e.g. "South/Central American cichlid ID" or similar") you'll be much more likely to find people who can help you out! Welcome to FishLore!
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    Which fertilizer should I use

    Just plain old ordinary Thrive. They're all products from the company NilocG. ThriveC is designed for nano tanks, meaning it's basically watered down so it's easier to dose small amounts. ThriveS is designed specifically for shrimp tanks, but I've never really understood that, given that all...
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    Aquascape/ terrarium

    Welcome to FishLore! Your question is very vague. What kind of help are you looking for? Are you looking for tips and tricks with setup? Help with hardscape? Plants and stocking? Gear purchasing recommendations? The more specific your question, the better your odds are of getting awesome...
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    20ish nitrates - all in one fert?

    The answer depends pretty significantly based on when this was taken. Right after a water change? Mid-week? Before or after dosing fertilizer? To really get a feel for your numbers, test at the points that your nitrates should be highest (right before a WC, or 15 minutes after adding ferts)...
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    Which fertilizer should I use

    I use Thrive in my main tank and I've got more snails than I know what to do with! It's advertised as invert-safe so it's fine with snails and shrimp, and is one of the more cost-effective all-in-one fertilizers that's readily available. I believe Easy Green would be another good option if you...
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    Pothos, but not tropical?

    Bonus complication: I won't have a light on this tank, so it'll have to be REALLY low light plants. I've had a pothos thrive in a pot in this location before (it's on my desk) so if all else fails I'll go that route!
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    Pothos, but not tropical?

    I think it might be time to head to the local pond to see what I can find!
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    Pothos, but not tropical?

    Hey all! Here's the deal: I've started a local biotope tank, but I'm just not sure if it's going to be worth fully committing to that idea. So far it's just local rocks and snails; a crayfish will be added in time, and I've got a chunk of elodia that will likely just end up being a snack as...
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    YellowGuppy defeats BBA - hopefully!!!

    So, I never got around to treating the tank. Sometimes I dosed CO2 Booster, sometimes I didn't. Occasional attempts made with peroxide, but not many. I stopped doing 50% water changes because it was a pain. I've basically done everything wrong and... it's getting way better. There are SMALL...
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    Pearl Gourami with Platies

    I can't speak directly to this, but I tried a young pearl gourami with guppies for a while and it wasn't awesome. The guppies were voracious and the gourami was a little slow in getting to feeding time, so it didn't end well for the gourami. Plays obviously are not identical to guppies, but...
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    Funny Guppy Fry 4 Hours Into Quarantine

    Hitchhiker fish are the most exciting of all fish! "What the... who are you and WHAT are you!?"
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