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  1. smee82

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers on fishlore. Have a good one.
  2. smee82

    ANZAC Day

    Happy ANZAC day to all you fellow Aussies and Kiwis. My pop with his fellow Nashos Lest we forget. Feel free to Share any pics.
  3. smee82

    Funny Daughters 4th birthday

    Its my daughters 4th today so last night i asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wanted me to cook honey soy chicken wings. I told her we didnt have to have dinner at home and if she wanted to we could go out. Cue serious 4yr old thinking face for all of 30seconds gives me a big hug...
  4. smee82

    Sold my house

    Finally signed a contract to sell my apartment and got the deposit. Best thing is i dont have to move out for 6 months after i get the final payment and that not for another 2 or 3 months later. So ive have until atleast may/june to get everything organized and move back home.
  5. smee82

    Happy fathers day

    Happy fathers day to all you other Aussie fathers or am i the only one.
  6. smee82

    I need a Vpn

    As the title says i need a free vpn to use in china if anyone has any they can share.
  7. smee82

    Business rant

    just a random rant since i cant rant to anyone else so you guys can wallow with me. For the last 6 months ive been planning on buying a little motel back home and have gone through everything. Ive gone through the P\L statements for the last 2 1/2 yrs, had the property checked, got pre approval...
  8. smee82

    Lovely neighbours

    1st they gave my daughter a live crab a pet and ow another gave her some goldfish Thats how they came but dont worry he told my daughter he will give her more when they die. No, theyre not staying in there. My 10g qt is currently in use so Im going to qt them in a 5g bucket with a cycled...
  9. smee82

    Funny Why my wife doesnt cook

    I dont think anything needs to be said except that shes not cooking for another 6 months
  10. smee82

    Lazy bearded dragon

    how lazy is normal for a bearded dragon. I think My beardie is way to lazy. He wont move to eat his roaches and will leave them sitting by his back legs and wait for them to come to him. He has to be hand fed his salads and will just perch on his wood over them if hes hungry and wait for me to...
  11. smee82


    This was going to be a reply to another thread but i thought it needed its own. There has been quite a few upgrades both big and small to make this site better since I've been a member and im sure there was even more before i was lucky enough to find here. I know its easy to joke about how...
  12. smee82

    Funny Beat my daughter

    My daughter keeps saying she is a koala and yesterday at breakfast she said again an she want tree leaves for breakfast so I went and picked some leaves from a chinese tree you can eat and cooked her a tree leaf omelette. I finally won. Its the tree with no leaves. Everyone keeps eating them.
  13. smee82

    Funny Unwinnable battles

    The last few days ive had to deal with a lot of garbage with my in laws so I'm creating a thread for as to complain about inlaws, wifes and husbands, parents or kids or whoevere it is in your life that you really wish you could wack upside the head. A few day ago my wife decided to tell her mum...
  14. smee82

    Are cats completely useless

    I really can't think of a single use cats have other then to annoy people.
  15. smee82

    My son walnut.

    My wife gave birth last friday the 21st to a little boy. His name is micheal john but I'm calling him walnut. 2 weeks early but he my wife's scar was getting too thin so she had to go under the knife again. Cant keep my daughter away from him, she even cleans his stinky poo nappies.
  16. smee82

    First flowers of the new year

    Dont you just love when the 1st flowers bloom in the new new year after a freezing winter.
  17. smee82

    A different type of quarantine

    Well I'm in china so I'm basically quarantining myself until I go back to work. Thankfully my wife only has a couple of half days left at the hospital and then she will start her maternity leave. What a wonderful way to spend my vacation. This is my quarantine kit so far 15kg rice . 10kg of...
  18. smee82

    Happy australia day

    Happy Australia day to all the other aussie here.
  19. smee82

    Icons gone again

    Mike All the icons are gone again for the last few days on the mobile browser like when the forum was upgraded last time.
  20. smee82

    Funny Who wants some crabs

    I was walking down the road waiting for a taxI (its too cold to just stand there) and and saw this in the seafood shop at the front window. I wasn't hungry but now all I can think of is crabs, crabs and more crabs. My wife is on the night shift tomorrow night at the hospital and my daughters...
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