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  1. ahouseofscales

    10 Gallon Tank Stocking first saltwater tank, need help!

    Hi all! I am finally starting my first personal saltwater tank! I have managed a saltwater culture lab for the past three years so I have experience but I have never personally kept marine species before. I am excited to get started but I need help with stocking! I have a strong preference...
  2. ahouseofscales

    5 Gallon Tank Worm on betta, ID and treatment?

    No, it's the wrong shape/color and it isn't anchored to the body in any way. It was moving across the body while I was feeding him.
  3. ahouseofscales

    5 Gallon Tank Worm on betta, ID and treatment?

    Hi all. Tonight during feeding I noticed a small white worm on my betta's body. It looks similar to a detritus worm, but longer and thinner, and is clinging to my betta's scales. My betta is acting normally. He is active, eating, and looks physically normal. His poop is normal as well. He is a...
  4. ahouseofscales

    Acrylic Aquarium or Glass Aquarium?

    We use both glass and acrylic tanks in my lab and I have all glass tanks personally. I really prefer glass, it doesn't scratch nearly as easily and it's easier to clean because you can use harsher scrubbers on glass.
  5. ahouseofscales

    A life-long novice looking to become a full fledged hobbiest

    Welcome! We're excited to have you here! It sounds like you're going to have an awesome tank!
  6. ahouseofscales

    Angelfish pellet recommendations?

    Yeah I use vibrabites for my smaller fish too, he isn't a huge fan. I don't really like hikari that much either, their quality has gone way down in recent years.
  7. ahouseofscales

    Angelfish pellet recommendations?

    Hi all! I am looking to get a new staple pellet for my angelfish Gnocchi. He is about 3 inches right now (not including fins) and has outgrown my current food selection. So I'd like to get him a larger size high quality pellet to feed. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  8. ahouseofscales

    Gravel Vac on Floor Level Tank?

    Yes, you can get hosing for either end! You'll just need to bring it with you to the hardware store so you can get the correct size hosing.
  9. ahouseofscales

    Gravel Vac on Floor Level Tank?

    Really the only way to gravel vac a floor level tank is to use a pump. Petsmart sells a pretty cheap one that you can get hosing for. That's what I did when I had my 29g on the floor.
  10. ahouseofscales

    Where to get healthy Rosy Red Minnows?

    No, Maine just has very restrictive laws. The unrestricted species list was made a while ago (hasn't been updated to my knowledge) and isn't very extensive, so pretty much anything that wasn't common and popular a decade ago is prohibited unless you're willing to jump through hoops and get a...
  11. ahouseofscales

    Thoughts on skipping a water change (ONE TIME ONLY)

    I think as long as you're parameters are good you're fine to skip one water change (or maybe even two if they need more time to settle in)!
  12. ahouseofscales

    Where to get healthy Rosy Red Minnows?

    Hi! I'm looking for a place to get some rosy red minnows. I'd like to add a small school (6-8 fish) to my 29 gallon tank. I'm having trouble finding some since most of them are sold as feeders and they aren't in the best condition, and they are technically illegal in Maine so I have to go to NH...
  13. ahouseofscales

    Can't figure out gravel vac

    If you move the siphon up and down in the water really fast it can start the siphon, but it can also stress fish out. You can also submerge the tube and get all the air out, and then cover the draining end with your finger and put it in the bucket and let go. That should start the siphon.
  14. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Seachem flourite, caribsea eco-complete, or something else?

    I looked and I have only been able to find dark brown. What about Ultum Controsoil? I may decide to mix some with some Seachem flourite. I also haven't completely ruled out the eco-complete either. I don't have really demanding plants and I'm not planning on it so it would probably be fine...
  15. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Seachem flourite, caribsea eco-complete, or something else?

    Do they have a black version? I've only ever seen the brown. A little outside of my price range unfortunately.
  16. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Seachem flourite, caribsea eco-complete, or something else?

    Hi all. I am looking at getting planted tank substrate after using inert sand for the past year. I used to use flourite and I got awesome growth out of it, but it has increased in price since then so I'm looking for alternatives. I have sagittaria, amazon swords, and aponogeton, so nothing too...
  17. ahouseofscales

    20 Gallon Tank Live food

    If you start your own culture of worms or buy from a pet store they should be fine. You just shouldn't feed worms that you get from your backyard.
  18. ahouseofscales

    Penn Plax Cascade CCF5UL Head Height?

    Hi all, I'm looking at this canister filter for my paludarium build and I'm wondering if anyone knows what the head/lift height is. The enclosure is 6 feet tall and I need the filter to be able to pump from the bottom to the top of the enclosure. Thanks!
  19. ahouseofscales

    65 Gallon Tank Crested gecko paludarium tank mates?

    Hi all, As I mentioned in my thread, I'm building a new, huge enclosure for my crested gecko Asha. It will be 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and probably around 2 feet deep, maybe more. At least 1x2 feet will be strictly land, while the front 1x2 feet will be water. I'm looking for something to keep...
  20. ahouseofscales

    65 Gallon Tank Help me design my crested gecko enclosure!

    Little update, I picked up the enclosure yesterday! It isn't as deep as I thought it was so I modified my plans. I'm now going to expand the back to give the enclosure more depth. This also has the added advantage of allowing me to make a small paludarium area that is separated from the...
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