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  1. nikm128

    Trying a betta again

    HI guys, my first attempt with a betta sadly only lasted a couple weeks when I first tried a few years ago. Now, I’m giving it another shot. I have a 10 gallon that’s going to be only for the betta for a little while so it can settle in and I can decide on potential tank mates. My new betta is a...
  2. nikm128

    Greatly reduced flow on Fluval 307

    I got a fluval 307 about 4 months ago, it's been running just fine since and so far I haven't done much besides add more ceramic media to it. However, when I was doing a water change today I noticed with the flow lever fully open the outlet was flowing as if it was half closed compared to when...
  3. nikm128

    Amazoniantanklvr interview

    Here's your interview Amazoniantanklvr Starter questions: Favorite animal? Favorite fish? Favorite color? Favorite Food?
  4. nikm128


    Is this fungus on my angel? I can’t really tell
  5. nikm128

    Worth the cleanup/setting back up?

    I came across someone giving away a salt water tank for free, but it’s really a mess and I don’t know enough to tell if it’s worth it. So I’ll say that it’s 130g with a 40 gallon sump and then let pictures do the rest of the talking.
  6. nikm128

    Icons gone on mobile

    As the title says, the websites icons have dissapeared, and actually I can't even tag Mike or a moderator from my phone because the drop down doesn't show up either.
  7. nikm128

    Canister questions

    I'm a bit new to the canister world haha, so a few pointers would be nice. I guess to make your jobs a tiny bit easier, it's a Fluval 307. 1. How often do you all rinse your media? 2. What order do you put your media in? ( 3 trays) 3. What media do you have the most of? 4. Is there a "best" way...
  8. nikm128

    Will cycling a second filter cause Nitrites

    HI everyone, I recently upgraded a tank and needed to add a second filter to it. Then I remembered the whole nitrogen cycle thing and am now wondering if I'll see nitrites? I'm sure not at levels to worry about since I already have an established filter running, but obviously that filter can't...
  9. nikm128

    Canister not returning water

    Oh boy, I'm on a roll with these canisters already...So I got my new fluval 307 set up, cleaned all the media, primed it, now I got it plugged in but it's having issues getting the water back up into the tank. The manual says the bottom of the canister can't be more than 4.5' below the top of...
  10. nikm128

    Canister filter hoses that aren't so rigid/stiff?

    I got a new Fluval 307 yesterday, but it happens to be on the tall side for the size of my stand's cabinet. This makes it a bit difficult to run the hoses out the back of the stand, but only because of how little flex they want to give me...Are there any canister hoses that are more on the...
  11. nikm128

    New stand isn't quite level

    To keep this short and simple, I got a new tank and stand yesterday but we noticed that even with the tank on the back edge it's leaning forward by about 2 degree/1/4". The floor is level, but I think it's just settling weird on the carpet on the slab. So what's a good, subtle way of leveling it...
  12. nikm128

    Big tank+cold room=big heater, but how big exactly?

    So I might be gettin a fairly large 125g tank, but the only place I can put it is in my basement which during winter (plus the current snow storm) gets quite cool, It is currently 60 degrees down there. The 125g would be for discus and I keep their water at 84-86 degrees, that means I need much...
  13. nikm128

    Does iridovirus/dgd affect pearl gouramis too?

    So one of my pearls just got lethargic and died in two days...literally not a single sign of anything being wrong and I've had similar issues with regular dwarf gouramis before so is it possible it's another case of iridovirus?
  14. nikm128

    Help deciding which tank to upgrade to

    I've finally decided to upgrade the discus from a 55g, now the only part I'm having issues with is deciding what dimensions are best. I'd love to get them a 75, but they're all a bit short (in height) for my liking and I'd rather not spend that much at the moment. Here are the 3 contenders...
  15. nikm128

    Bamboo Shrimp Lost Its Fans

    So I cleaned out my filter today and ended up finding the bamboo shrimp I thought had died, it looked perfectly fine at first but then I realized that somewhere along the way his fans broke off. I would assume he'll be ok if he managed to survive inside the filter without them, but any food...
  16. nikm128

    Funny Which Spouse Or So Is Harder To Convince?

    Alright, I see a lot of "the wife wasn't thrilled" and "hubby isn't convinced" so I figured; why not have a little fun and see if we can figure who's more difficult to get permission from. Maybe to make it more fair/full of funny stories I'll add parents into the mix too? Let's see!
  17. nikm128

    Anyone Used The New Aqueon Canister Filters?

    They might not be new, but they're at least new to the stores I go to. I first saw them last night and was wondering if they were any good, especially since they looked to be much cheaper for the same amount of filtration as you'd get from say Marineland. That, and because I saw that it had a...
  18. nikm128

    Blood Parrots Defending Cave. Pair?

    Title says most of it, one BP sits inside the cave and guards all the entrances while the other hangs around outside of it and chases off anything that gets too close.
  19. nikm128

    How Long To Wait Between Qt Uses

    HI guys, I was just wondering how much time should be in between uses of a qt tank that had sick fish in it. I'm sure it depends on what the fish had, but can I get just a general timeframe?
  20. nikm128

    Eliminating Mystery Killer

    So I have a mystery in my tanks that've been wiping out fish for a while, first a discus, then an entire school of cory's, it's causing a wasting disease in my white skirt tetras, and it's killed a blue gourami. All except the tetras showed no signs of illness whatsoever, just rolled over and...
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